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haters gonna hate

slang There will always be those who criticize anything and everything. The phrase is often used to dismiss such critics while acknowledging that it is no use trying to stop them. I don't enjoy when opposing teams' fans boo me, but, hey, haters gonna hate.
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hate someone or something like sin

Fig. to hate someone or something a great deal. She won't eat brussels sprouts. She hates 'em like sin. I don't want that man anywhere near me. I hate him like sin.
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hate someone's guts

Fig. to hate someone very much. Oh, Bob is terrible. I hate his guts! You may hate my guts for saying so, but I think you're getting gray hair.
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(I) hate to eat and run.

Cliché an apology made by someone who must leave a social event soon after eating. Bill: Well, I hate to eat and run, but it's getting late. Sue: Oh, you don't have to leave, do you? Bill: I think I really must. Mary: Oh, my goodness! I hate to eat and run, but I have to catch an early plane tomorrow. Bob: Do you have to go? Mary: Afraid so.
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love-hate relationship

Fig. a relationship of any kind that involves both devotion and hatred. Tommy has a love-hate relationship with his teacher. Mostly, though, it's hate lately.
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pet hate

Fig. something that is disliked intensely and is a constant or repeated annoyance. My pet hate is being put on hold on the telephone. Another pet hate of mine is having to stand in line.
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hate somebody's guts

to dislike someone very much I don't think you should hate my guts just because I like to hunt.
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hate somebody's guts

to hate someone I hate his guts for treating my sister so badly.
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somebody's pet hate

  (British & Australian) also somebody's pet peeve (American)
something that you do not like at all A pet hate of ours is telephone salesmen who phone just as we're sitting down to watch TV. Cleaning the bathroom is my pet peeve.
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hate someone's guts

Thoroughly despise someone, as in I hate Peter's guts. The guts here refers to a person's inner essence. [Slang; c. 1900]
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hate someone’s guts

tv. to hate someone very much. You’re horrible. I hate your guts!
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hate on (someone)

To ridicule, insult, or act hatefully toward: Stop hating on them—they're my friends.
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I understood that if I shut my heart to just one person, I am in great peril, because that's the first step to hating again.
Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem with a large crowd on his heels, and he turns to them and says, "If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:26).
Scholars admit the more authentic idiom in the Middle East would be the one about hating your family.
We cannot rest content loving good but hating evil without seriously thinking about our own psyches and the causes of our own resentment.
Then, and only then, is it possible to hate the sins without also hating the sinners.
Shortly before she retired, Madam Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dube dismissed the argument that you can love homosexuals while hating homosexual behaviour.
Haters cannot stop hating without exposing their personal insecurities.
There is no such thing as the world hating the United States.
The exuberant illustration (shown in inset) provided by graffiti artist Keith Hating has been a symbol of openness, joy, and pride ever since.
And instead of hating the people you think are warmongers, hate the appetite and disorder in your own soul, which are also causes of war.
The Church's theology of hating the sin but loving the sinner was dismissed as unreal.
The second rationale for hating gays--insufficient manliness--is much more applicable to some of us than is the category of Other.