tight as Dick's hatband

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*tight as Dick's hatband

Fig. very tight. (*Also: as ~.) I've got to lose some weight. My belt is as tight as Dick's hatband. This window is stuck tight as Dick's hatband.
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At the Old Bailey he was reported as wearing "entirely new [dress], green coat, buckskin breeches, ruffled shirt, and hat bound round with silver strings;" at Tyburn, he was "elegantly dressed in a new Suit of light Blue," not to mention "a Hatband and white Ribbands.
The hatband was supposed to be a reference to the crown of England, which he found too tight to wear with comfort.
New Zealand's huia bird, prized for her scimitar beak and pleated Victorian petticoat tail, was hunted extinct except for this diving-belled brooch and sad hatband, fast falling to dust in the Smithsonian.
Then squeeze a quarter size dollop of white decorator's icing onto the bottom of the gumdrop and gently press it down onto the center of the cookie so the icing spreads around the base and resembles a white hatband.
Using latex and gold leaf, Czosnyka gives her trashcan finds new life, and tucked in with vintage lace or a satin hatband, the results make for gorgeous millinery keepsakes.
And, there are costumes from throughout her movie career - a pink cotton robe ($2,000 to $3,000) from "The Way We Were;" eight pieces from "Yentl" featuring two black-and-white-striped sock garters, two black yarmulkes, necktie, grey wool "Greek Fisherman's hat" with black braided hatband, tallit katan and a cream undershirt ($300 to $500); and a pink Carelli Costumes New York bridesmaid dress ($600 to $800) from "The Mirror Has Two Faces.
Ceremoniously, a tail feather was plucked from that bird and placed in Joe's hatband.
It is not necessary to gather the cast of characters to become a new fan of CJ Floyd; you can jump right in with this book and go back and read others like The Devil's Hatband, The Fourth Perspective (reviewed by Clark's Eye on Books a few months ago), or several others which star CJ Floyd.
You can expect up to 30 hours of light from the lights, which are powered by flat coin batteries located in the hatband.
If his conduct during the first three months is good, he is promoted to the first class and exchanges his blue hatband for one of red.
It is only when Brandon "guides" Rupert to suspicion, and only later when that suspicion is intensified by David Kentley's initials on his hatband, that what has been obvious all along becomes "recognized" by ratiocination.
The face of the fabric is white, while the underside is black with black grommets, binding, and hatband for contrast.
Measuring slightly under five inches long with a duo of three-inch stacked barrels, its rounded bird's-head grip, low-profile hammer spur and nonsnag spur trigger made it easy to draw from a vest, coat or trouser pocket, hatband, purse, garter, waistband or boot top.
Sue Kitching, of Linthwaite, says: "In our family it was always 'as awkward as Dick's hatband - went round three times and still wouldn't meet.