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Anand (Gujarat) [India], December 8 ( ANI ): Congress president-designate Rahul Gandhi on Friday took a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for hastily preparing the manifesto a day ahead of the Gujarat elections.
Isabel was not given the chance to attend the scheduled hearings and submit his Counter-Affidavit simply because the DOJ hastily rendered a Resolution finding probable cause against him.
The 15–year–old died two days after taking his girlfriend to a hastily after taking his girlfriend to a hastily arranged school prom, his final wish.
The blue and gold braided beard on the burial mask of famed pharaoh Tutankhamun the ancient Egyptian boy king, was hastily glued back on with epoxy glue, damaging the relic after it was knocked during cleaning, conservators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo said on Wednesday.
The move follows a hastily organised referendum on Sunday in which organisers said about 90% of those who cast ballots in Donetsk and the neighbouring Luhansk region backed sovereignty for the areas that form Ukraine's industrial heartland.
They criticised the hastily arranged, unof-ficial ballot in the regions - which together have 6.
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's decision Saturday to go ahead with the first restart of nuclear reactors in Japan since the nuclear crisis began at the Fukushima Daiichi plant last year has drawn criticism from opposition lawmakers, who rapped the premier for moving too hastily.
CHER Lloyd has hastily backtracked on comments she made about Cheryl Cole, insisting her lip-syncing remarks were "a little joke".
NFU dairy board Chairman Gwyn Jones said: "Our members are telling us that they are deeply concerned by this latest price cut, which was unexpected and which has been hastily imposed.
4 : to swallow hastily or without chewing <Don't bolt your food.
The realization that we were affecting the health of the planet had to be hastily tacked onto our industrial system.
Kerry's meltdown in an initial, hastily called press conference -- in which he not only refused to apologize, but used the flap to attack Republicans -- only fanned the flame of his verbal misfire.
Nelson, Benedict Arnold's Navy: The Ragtag Fleet that Lost the Battle of Lake Champlain but Won the American Revolution is the true story of the Battle of Valcour Island, in which a hastily comprised American fleet led by Benedict Arnold stood against the superior numbers and power of the British navy during the War for Independence.
That hastily drawn redesign featured a metal-and-stone clad, 200-foot tall cubic base filled with "mechanical floors" meant to raise the office building's glass-curtainwalled office floors above danger from ground-level attacks.
It centers on the issues of trust and fidelity, playing out a drama that suggests if rich people insist on hastily marrying beautiful strangers they happen upon in the woods, women whose genealogy is uncertain, they should be prepared for some surprises and marital adjustments.