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hash slinger

A cook or a waitress, especially at a diner or cheap restaurant. ("Hash," in this sense, refers to a dish or stew of chopped meat and vegetables, not hashish.) Primarily heard in US. I worked as a hash slinger for several years to pay my way through college.
See also: hash, slinger

hash out

To talk about something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hash" and "out." I'm calling mom right now to hash out the details for Thanksgiving dinner.
See also: hash, out

hash (something) over (with someone)

Fig. to discuss something with someone. I need to hash this matter over with you. I've hashed over this business enough.
See also: hash, over

hash something up

1. to chop something up. Now, hash the onion and garlic up and put it in the skillet. Now, hash up the beef and brown it.
2. to mess something up. Somebody hashed my manuscript up! Somebody hashed up my manuscript!
See also: hash, up

settle someone's hash

Sl. to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence. If he comes in here, I'll settle his hash. Now, that ought to settle your hash.
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hash over

Also, hash out. Discuss carefully, review, as in Let's hash over these plans again, or The department was hashing out the new syllabus. This idiom uses the verb hash in the sense of "cut into small pieces," a usage dating from the mid-1700s.
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make a hash of

Also, make a mess of. Ruin or spoil something, as in They've made a hash of their financial affairs, or She thought he'd make a mess of the garden. The first term, first recorded in 1833, uses hash in the sense of "a jumble of mangled fragments"; the variant, using mess in the sense of "a muddle" or "a state of confusion," was first recorded in 1862.
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settle someone's hash

Subdue or get rid of someone, deal with a troublemaker, as in If John starts another argument we know just how to settle his hash. This term, dating from about 1800, uses hash in the sense of "a mess."
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sling hash

Serve food in a restaurant, especially a cheap establishment. For example, The only job she could find was slinging hash in the neighborhood diner. This term alludes to the inelegant presentation and nature of the food, in effect, tossing hash before a customer. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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make a hash of something

If you make a hash of a job or task, you do it very badly. The Government made a total hash of things and wasted a small fortune. She fumbled with the trolley and made a hash of stacking the food trays.
See also: hash, make, of, something

make a hash of

make a mess of; bungle. informal
Hash comes from the French verb hacher meaning ‘chop up small’. A hash is a dish of cooked meat cut into small pieces and recooked with gravy; from this comes the derogatory sense of hash meaning ‘a jumble of incongruous elements; a mess’.
See also: hash, make, of

settle someone's hash

deal with and subdue a person very forcefully. informal
See also: hash, settle

sling hash (or plates)

serve food in a cafe or diner. North American informal
See also: hash, sling

make a ˈmess/ˈhash of something/of doing something

(informal) do something very badly: We tried making some wine, but we made a mess of it (= it did not taste good).I made a complete hash of the whole exam.
See also: hash, make, mess, of, something

flash the hash

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. Dave left quickly to go out and flash the hash, I think.
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n. hashish; cannabis in general. (Drugs.) The amount of hash that moves into this city in a single day would astound you.

hash cannon

n. a device used in the smoking of cannabis. (see also shotgun.) Don had a hash cannon in his office as a sample of a device for smoking pot.
See also: cannon, hash

hash pipe

n. a small pipe for smoking cannabis. (Drugs.) John kept a hash pipe on the shelf just for show.
See also: hash, pipe


n. a smoker of cannabis. (Drugs.) You can’t stay a hash-head all your life.


1. n. a cheap diner. (Where hash might be on the menu.) Tom worked for two days as a hash-slinger in a hash-house.
2. n. a place where hashish is sold and used. (Drugs.) This hash-house is due for a raid. Let’s hit it.


n. a cook, waiter, or waitress in a hash-house. I worked as a hash-slinger in an all-night diner.

heavy hash

n. potent cannabis. (Drugs.) This is heavy hash, and it will cost you.
See also: hash, heavy

settle someone’s hash

tv. to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence. If he comes in here, I’ll settle his hash.
See also: hash, settle

settle (someone's) hash

To silence or subdue.
See also: hash, settle
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For some, hashing is a means of staying in shape, for others, it's a social outlet.
The configurable hashing core supports SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 and MD5.
AURA also encompasses the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and MD5 to provide industrial strength hashing to protect against tag tampering and counterfeiting.
NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, announced today the availability of several networking solutions products which include the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) SHA-256 Secure Hashing Algorithm.
In addition, all of SafeNet's Luna hardware security appliances and PCI cards include SHA-256 hashing algorithms.
The ISL6296 combines an on-chip fixed 32+32-bit secret code with Intersil's Flexihash programmable hashing algorithm to provide a very secure challenge response authentication scheme.
Permabit(TM), the storage software company that is setting the standard for content addressed storage (CAS), today reiterated that the company uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm for secure hash-based naming across their entire Permeon software product line.
Our engineering team determined years ago that SHA-256 was the optimal hashing algorithm for Permeon," stated Jered Floyd, Vice President of Technology at Permabit.
Additionally, SuperMAP has the widest algorithm support, including Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) with RSA or Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC), Symmetric Block Cypher and Data Hashing.
File encryption and decryption as well as hashing are executed on the secure token, which communicates at high-speed to a system using only an inexpensive physical connector to an USB port in chip card applications, or directly connected to the USB port of a system in a dongle application.
The Alcatel OmniAccess 210 combines VPN features including IPsec tunneling, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, Message Digest 5 (MD5) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) hashing functions, Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) and RSA digital signatures, Data Encryption Standard (DES and 3DES), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithms.
SafeNet PCI's unparalleled crypto accelerator chip technology and advanced security functionality - such as DES and Triple-DES encryption, MD-5 or SHA-1 Hashing, and fast Public Key computations - tightly integrate with Intel's NetStructure VPN gateway product to provide seamless and secure e-business communications.
With DNS, subscribers' documents undergo "one-way hashing," a mathematical procedure that creates a unique digital fingerprint of a document based on its sequence of letters, numbers, graphics, symbols, and so on.