harness to

harness someone (or an animal) to something

to attach someone, something, or an animal to something with a harness. The instructor harnessed me to the hang glider, and I really began to get nervous. Andrew harnessed the horses to the little wagon.
See also: harness
References in classic literature ?
For a moment he hesitated, and then leaped after me, whining and tugging at my harness to draw me back.
He just sat down on the snow, and played with the seal-hide trace that ran from his harness to the pitu, the big thong in the bows of the sleigh.
Increased focus is being given to the equal weight distribution mechanism of the harness to make it lightweight.
Sagging chest straps can be reduced to some degree by clipping the leash to the dog's collar as well as the front ring, but this remedy can reduce the effectiveness of the harness to mitigate the strength of the dog's pulling.
The harness was constructed using four, one inch wide pieces of the split cowhide; one piece for the headband, one piece that runs from the back of the head to the forehead, and one piece, each, for the two sides running from the side of the harness to the crown.
Big Apple Pet Supply has added the The Horgan Harness to their extensive inventory.
Reconnect the wiring harness to the AFES master controller.
The Rescue One CDS contains 30 feet of 8mm, 4,000-pound-test line built into the back of the harness to safely descend up to 30 feet.
When your stand is set, attach the tether of your full-body harness to the tree.
With help from veterinarians and mushers, Franzen redesigned the harness to ease the stress points.
An optional tactical vest, which integrates with the X Class harness to provide a unified rescue vest-harness ensemble, will also be available.
While standards for dog automotive restraints need to be set, it's nonetheless important for an automotive dog restraint harness to be well padded, particularly in the chest area; comfortable; and to have a proper fit.
But keep those big feet off the pylon, the ejector rack and the electrical harness to avoid problems.