hardly earth-shattering

[hardly/scarcely etc.] earth-shattering

not very surprising or shocking We were all expecting the announcement. It wasn't exactly earth-shattering news.
See also: hardly
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Hardly earth-shattering news for Windows users, but at Apple, the one-button mouse has been set in stone since click one.
It's hard to say the same about Wales, whose capitulation at home to France in their Six Nations opener four weeks ago was followed two weeks later by a decisive, but hardly earth-shattering,
He kept avoiding an issue that was hardly earth-shattering.
Hardly earth-shattering stuff but enough to make a mole-hill into a mountain if you don't handle it correctly today.
Hardly earth-shattering and yet McClaren, asked why, despite the injuries, the doubts and recent history, he was convinced his side will win, was adamant: "Because I know I've got the squad, I know I've got the players.
However, while Ireland's scoreline looks convincing, their performance was hardly earth-shattering and coach Eddie O'Sullivan admitted that there is plenty of room for improvement.
The attendance figure for the year might have been an all-time record, but an extra 17,000 people was hardly earth-shattering when one considers there were six extra meetings compared with 2005.
Following a satisfactory, though hardly earth-shattering, debut fourth in a Yarmouth maiden last August, the chestnut son of Dubai Destination got off the mark in a similar event at Leicester the following month.
Hardly earth-shattering, but more than perky enough for most of us.
Hardly earth-shattering quotes for the public to digest, but Charvis probably realises that the only talking of any significance he can do from now on will be done on the pitch.
The bare form of that Yarmouth race is hardly earth-shattering, and in Ramamara (my idea of the winner) and Precious Coral, she's facing a couple of rivals dropping significantly in class.
And while the 0-62mph time takes a leisurely 13 seconds and the 106mph top speed is hardly earth-shattering, the Modus feels sprightly.
The 170bhp power output is hardly earth-shattering but performance remains impressive nonetheless, with a 140mph top speed and a 0-60mph acceleration time of just over seven and a half seconds.