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I am in the present year 7 and I know that I have four years to get ready for them but the year 9 only have two and they have to work a lot harder in class.
Mark Bull, chief executive of Randstad said: "There is little doubt UK employees are working harder than ever.
The harder task offered double the sugar-pellet reward.
I'm beginning to question why should the majority of us work hard, let alone harder, just to make the richest 0.
But the proposed settlement drew cries of outrage from both the SEC and investors when they found that Harder, too, would benefit from the proposed restructuring.
Harder capably tells us the history of bombing aircraft and bombing techniques, deals with personalities such as the iconic General Curtis LeMay; but is at his best when he speaks from personal experiences when he worked in the "Black Hole" as a navigator-bombardier in a B-52.
But against Fulham last week, Crouch had to work that bit harder and drop deeper and away from the danger zone.
The USS Harder (SS-257), a Gato-class submarine skippered by Cdr Samuel Dealey, was credited with sinking 16 enemy ships, among them five destroyers, a feat that earned him the nickname "the destroyer killer.
The harder ball is harder to spin - in effect it alleviates the spin and helps get the ball to fly straighter.
The subjects were asked whether or not each factor made it easier or harder to self-monitor.
During a teleconference at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Montoya talked about making the transition from Formula One to NASCAR, seeing more drivers make the switch from open-wheel to stock car racing, what made him interested in NASCAR and which race would be harder to win, the Daytona 500 or the Indianapolis 500.
Some experts say these rewards parallel the working world, where financial incentives are often given to employees who work harder or better.
because during performances it's a little bit harder to unwind at night.
FORMULA ONE: Fernando Alonso believes defending his Formula One world title will prove harder than winning it as he braces himself for a four-team battle at the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend.
It's getting harder and harder to keep people here.