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harden oneself to something

Fig. to make oneself capable of bearing something unpleasant. You will have to learn to harden yourself to tragedies like this. They happen every day in a hospital. She had learned to harden herself to the kinds of poverty she had to work in.
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harden something off

to accustom a young plant to normal weather so it can be moved from a protected environment to the out-of-doors. We put the plants by the open window to harden them off. We hardened off the plants.
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harden something up

to make something hard or strong. Put the meat in the freezer awhile to harden it up before you try to slice it thin. Harden up the ice cream a little in the freezer.
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harden your heart

(slightly formal)
to make yourself stop feeling kindness and sympathy He found it difficult to harden his heart completely against his old colleague.
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harden your heart

  (slightly formal)
to make yourself stop feeling kind or friendly towards someone You've just got to harden your heart and tell him to leave.
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harden one's heart

Feel no sympathy for, as in We can't afford to give them more; we'll just have to harden our hearts when they ask . [Late 1300s]
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steel one's heart against

Also, harden one's heart. Suppress one's feelings for, as in He finally steeled his heart against them and refused the loan, or You'll just have to harden your heart and tell them the truth. This metaphoric idiom transfers making something hard to rendering oneself insensible or unfeeling. Versions of it date from the late 1500s. Also see heart of stone.
See also: heart, steel
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The report also segments the radiation hardened electronics & semiconductors market by components such as processors& controllers, memory devices, power management, FPGAs & ASICs, and other components.
The inclusion of hardened floating-point DSP blocks enable customers to use Altera FPGAs to address the world s most complex HPC problems in big data analytics, seismic modeling for oil and gas industries and financial simulations.
The hardness obtained as a result of the electron beam hardening within the preliminary research proved to be a variable that depends also on the x and z coordinates of the points in the hardened zone.
a standard hardened steel mold over a one-year time period.
It is ideal for use with most hardened alloy steels and provides outstanding toughness in continuous cuts for a wide range of speeds and cutting conditions.
As the lava crept down the slope, its front hardened where it hit thick, glacier-filled valleys, forcing the lava to flow along the line of least resistance, usually the ridges between the valleys.
The company has multiple tactical wheeled vehicles in production now and skilled employees with mine hardened vehicle production expertise in low-cost, low-risk U.
This article presents the effects of principal parameters on the hardness of electron beam hardened layer.
In addition to being stiffer than unused hose, the partly hardened samples also showed a much greater increase in stiffening with accelerated aging, and were much more sensitive to increases in applied load.
It is correct that the surface of an ADI part can be hardened by stressing but most of the hardening is done by a mechanism other than work hardening.
Extensive fossil remains of the largest known seabird, weighing close to 90 pounds with a wingspan of between 18 and 19 feet, have been chipped out of a 30-million-year-old block of hardened sand and mud and identified by scientists at the Charleston (S.
The Proton100k(TM) Radiation Hardened Single Board Computer (RH SBC) is the instrument computer of the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) RoadRunner On-board Processing Experiment (ROPE), performing data management and processing of focal plane array data.
NASDAQ: XLNX) have signed a licensing agreement to produce the industry's first fully tested and guaranteed radiation hardened Class-S field programmable gate array (FPGA).
First Hardened Diamond Standard Processor Available Reduces SOC Integration Cost