hard feelings

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hard feelings

Ill will, resentment, or anger Unfortunately these layoffs are out of our control. I hope there are no hard feelings. John's remarks after the ceremony cause a lot of hard feelings.
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no hard feelings

No ill will; no resentment or anger. Often said as a standalone phrase. I'm sorry that things ended this way. No hard feelings? Unfortunately these layoffs are out of our control. I hope there are no hard feelings.
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*hard feelings

Fig. feelings of resentment or anger. (*Typically: cause ~ have ~ give someone ∼.) The argument caused a lot of hard feelings, but finally we got over it.
See also: feeling, hard
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It's going to be hard for anybody to break in and there are no hard feelings from me.
public schools (1997) by a minister who said the book contained "profanity and may spark hard feelings between students of different races.
PONTYPRIDD coach Lynn Howells said there were no hard feelings after the Sardis Road side lost the signature of Welsh prop Ben Evans to Cardiff, writes Gareth Griffiths.
No hard feelings, but the price my backers and I were willing to offer was not what the publishers wanted.
The KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army] was formally disbanded, but the hard feelings from the war lingered on.
Caballe then ripped up the score, and followed up by kissing Mr Collado to show she had no hard feelings.
Tim McGraw is confident that by cooperating with law enforcement the facts will prevail and the charges will be dropped without hard feelings on either side.
They leave ulcers, strained relationships, and hard feelings in their wake.
If there's no standard form, a simple e-mail or memorandum of understanding restating what you've agreed to can avoid hard feelings later.
In a recent interview in the Israeli daily Ma'ariv, Rothschild was asked if she still has hard feelings toward Batsheva.
And if one out-sizes the other, there are no hard feelings.
Tearful Helen said: "Our relationship is over but there are no hard feelings.
There's no room for hard feelings if someone's stocks aren't selected.
Sam and his issue-driven Blues Bands, is prescribing parody as the gifts for healing hard feelings this season.
But the experienced coach insisted there was no hard feelings at his departure.