hard core

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hard core

1. noun A very devoted subset of an organization. They're the hard core of the group, so I'd talk them if you're interested in volunteering.
2. adjective Describing someone who is staunch and unyielding in their beliefs. The phrase is typically hyphenated when used before a noun. She's a hard-core liberal, so good luck getting her to listen to your conservative views.
3. adjective Describing pornography that is especially graphic or explicit. I was appalled to find hard-core porn on his computer.
4. adjective Describing something that is especially intense or impressive. Wow, you're really specializing in surgery? That's hard core!
5. adjective Describing a style of rock music that is especially loud and aggressive. You'll go deaf if you keep listening to that hard core rock at such a loud volume!
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(the) ˌhard ˈcore

(British English) the small central group in an organization, or in a particular group of people, who are the most active or who will not change their beliefs or behaviour: It’s only really the hard core that bother(s) to go to meetings regularly. ▶ ˈhard-core adj.
1 having a belief or a way of behaving that will not change: a hard-core political activist
2 relating to pornography (= books, videos, etc. that describe or show naked people and sexual acts) of an extreme kind: hard-core sex magazines
See also: core, hard


1. mod. sexually explicit; pornographic. You can’t sell that hard-core stuff in a store like this!
2. mod. extreme; entrenched. There are too many hard-core cases of poverty there.
3. mod. very good; stunning; great. I’d like a really hard-core pizza with at least five kinds of cheese.
4. mod. extreme; quintessential. She thinks of herself as a hard-core leftist.
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Both hard cores also feature low power consumption and a typical performance of over 200MHz delivering more than 280 DMIPS.
1996 saw very strong regional representation with two of the best films emanating from opposite Coasts, Hard Core Logo and Margaret's Museum; one very promising debut from the Prairies, The Suburbanators; Quebec's Le confessionnal; and Cronenberg's brilliant and intensely controversial film, Crash, from Ontario.
When McDonald was given Michael Turner's 1993 collection of poems about a fictional rock band, Hard Core Logo, he was attracted less by its reflection of the 1970s politicized Vancouver punk scene of bands like DOA, Art Bergman or the Modernettes, and more by the story of growing up and growing apart.
The fact that a minority hard core of motorists are complacent about the dangers of drug-driving helps explain why this might be the case.
com is a pioneering marketer, an e-commerce company that has created a powerful channel for manufacturers of computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and communications products to reach do-it-yourselfers, hard core gamers, students, small to medium-sized businesses, IT professionals, resellers and consumers that desire a comprehensive digital lifestyle.
Delivered as a hard core, the TVP400 will operate at 600MHz at .
Saitek will meet this demand with new products that enhance the gaming experience with a degree of reality that will satisfy even the most hard core gamer.
We offer full range of production and design services for the mass consumer as well as the hard core gamer.
TIRF, an Ottawa-based independent road safety institute, conducted the survey as part of a comprehensive three-year study, "Stopping The Revolving Door: DWI System Improvements For Dealing With Hard Core Drinking Drivers.
Moroso, with headquarters in Guilford, Connecticut, manufactures over 3000 products, from oil pans and oiling system accessories to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, hard core racing tools, and numerous other performance parts.
Sports relationship increases our reach as much as six times to hard core sports fans that our affiliate publishers otherwise would be unable to touch.
The 64-bit hard core is the embedded processor industry's highest performance licensable core.
Anheuser-Busch (NYSE:BUD) today announced that March 31, 2002 is the deadline for journalists to enter its contest to recognize the best traffic safety news stories in 2001 which focused on the need to devote greater attention to hard core drunk drivers or new, inexperienced drivers - the two highest risk groups of drivers on the nation's roads.
The new 64-bit hard core is in addition to the line of 32-bit hard cores already offered by MIPS Technologies for manufacture at TSMC.