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It seems like a layup for hard ciders, whose strongest demographic group is the 21- to 3 5-year-old set--it's hard not to notice how quickly the term "millennials" comes to the lips of hard cider makers.
To Learn More: To find where Angry Orchard hard cider is served near you, visit the "cider finder" at www.
Crispin's latest release in the unfiltered Artisanal Reserve series is the Bohemian, a cloudy hard cider that blends higher-proof apple wine with pure apple juice, without added sugar or colorants.
We are excited to have Agri-Mark, Vermont Hard Cider and Middlebury College immediately become customers of Vermont Gas, stated Don Gilbert, president and CEO of Vermont Gas.
are the Perfect Whiskey and Perfect Hard Cider collections (which are supplemented by the overseas facilities), a new Selene parfait glass, and vases that comprise part of libLibbey's home decor assortment.
In 2030, my guess is it will be as big if not bigger than it is in the British market, probably 15% of the market' In other words, few industry observers consider hard cider to be a niche anymore.
The incredible growth of hard cider over the last year has made an organization like this all the more important," says USACM president Mike Beck.
A hard cider maker is joining the collection of breweries, wineries and related businesses that make up Eugene's growing "Fermentation District" in the eclectic Whiteaker neighborhood.
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The hard cider category more than doubled last year and because of that new players are entering the category, say industry officials.
Crispin's 2012 annual whiskey cask aged hard cider, celebrates the song Stagger Lee, and the cultural creativity that spans the globe and lives for generations and over 100 years.
The hands-on experience was well attended by professional and amateur cider makers who made four different varieties of all-natural hard cider using local heritage apples from Bolton Orchards.
Wolaver's, based in Nevada City, California, makes three certified organic ales (brown, India pale and pale ale) and an organic hard cider.
But US sales almost doubled as the benefits of integrating its American Hard Cider Company and Green Mountain Cidery were realised.