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harbor something against someone or something

to have and retain a bad feeling of some kind toward someone or something. I harbor no ill will against you. Alice does not harbor any bad feeling against the company that let her go.
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Harbor square is a mixed-use project including residential, commercial and public amenity components.
The rating affirmations reflect Harbor Point's successful first-year execution of operations within the parameters of the business plan presented to A.
I showed up at Rocky Point, a tackle shop and aquatic outfitter at King Harbor early one Sunday morning with some fishing buddies from the Conejo Valley Fly Fishers.
Letter Ruling 200111025 provides insight into how the IRS might evaluate parking arrangements that fall outside the safe harbor.
The management and operation of the 10 harbors that compose the Chicago Park District Harbor System: 1) Belmont Harbor; 2) Burnham Harbor; 3) Diversey Harbor; 4) DuSable Harbor: 5) Jackson Park Inner Harbor; 6) Jackson Park Outer Harbor; 7) Monroe Harbor; 8) Montrose Harbor; 9) 31st Street Harbor; and 10) 59th Street Harbor.
Hsiao Ting-hsun, director general of Kaohsiung Harbor, pointed out yesterday that after its establishment, Taiwan Harbor Affairs Corp.
The call for a possible response, from within an existential and presumably social context, marks scripture as word of God, and God as the harbor of the event that actualizes the possible.
just before the start of the lighted boat parade, which runs down the harbor's main channel to the harbor entrance and loops back.
2006-32 provides safe harbors for individuals who want to use this provision to determine the (1) decrease in the FMV of their personal-use residential real property and (2) pre-hurricane FMV of personal belongings.
The retention of CB Richard Ellis as agent will rejuvinate the marketing of Harbor Plaza, where as much as 105,000 s/f of space can be available throughout the park.
By analyzing long tubes of sediment drilled from locations in and around the Mediterranean ports of Tyre and Sidon, scientists have discovered the locations of the harbors from which legions of ancient Phoenician mariners set sail.
Benton Harbor is a run-down, isolated place, many stories then reported, citing census data that contrasted the town with its neighbor, St.
Information: Nancy Place, 600 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 USA, 207-288-6257, fax: 207-288-6080, e-mail: nancyp@jax.
Instead of being a legislative enactment by Congress, Safe Harbor was established as a voluntary program administered by the Department of Commerce.
On the morning of December 7, 1941, Stephen Bower Young was a happy man, A 19-year-old sailor on the USS Oklahoma, Young could see that it was a beautiful Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.