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have a hankering for (something)

To have a very strong, persistent desire or craving for something. I've been having a hankering for sushi ever since I came back from Tokyo last month. The former heavyweight champion has had a hankering for a chance to reclaim her title.
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hanker after someone or something

 and hanker for someone or something
Rur. to want someone or something; to long for someone or something. I hanker after a nice big beefsteak for dinner.
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In reply, Hankers club batsmen played excellently by reaching at 209 runs for the loss of seven wickets but later on Peshawar club bowlers succeeded in restricting Hankers club to 217 runs only.
PESHAWAR -- Peshawar Badshah recorded four wickets victory against Hankers club in the ongoing Frontier Foundation Lion Cricket Tournament being played here at Gymkhana ground on Saturday.
Hankers club won the toss and elected to bat first by setting up 147 runs target for the loss of all wickets after playing the allotted 20 overs.
a ons Though on course for a Spanish League/Champions League Double, the Special One has made it clear once again that he hankers for a return to England.
Whether Farrell will still be at Broughty if they achieve that goal is not sure as he still hankers after that second shot at the seniors.
I imagine he still hankers after another European Cup," said Robins, whose winning goal against Nottingham Forest in the 1990 FA Cup was widely believed to have kept Ferguson ( who celebrates 20 years in charge at Old Trafford today ( in his job.
MERMAID Ariel has settled for life on dry land with Prince Eric - but it's not long before daughter Melody hankers for life under the sea.
Lasorda hankers publicly for his glory days in uniform.
His comments will be seen as a sign Mr Balls still hankers after the shadow chancellor job.
A NEW development of homes at Skerries will delight the house hunter who hankers after a seaside residence with a reasonable price tag.
Soon she hankers for nights out on the town with SINGLE working colleagues.
RACHEL Stevens was so impressed with her bloke Jeremy Edwards's West End debut in Les Liaisons Dangereuses that she hankers after an acting career herself.