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have a hankering for (something)

To have a very strong, persistent desire or craving for something. I've been having a hankering for sushi ever since I came back from Tokyo last month. The former heavyweight champion has had a hankering for a chance to reclaim her title.
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hanker after someone or something

 and hanker for someone or something
Rur. to want someone or something; to long for someone or something. I hanker after a nice big beefsteak for dinner.
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Customers hankering after a jam, cream or ring doughnut were left disappointed yesterday as all traces were removed before 10.
If you have a hankering for making his Wild Raspberry Tapioca Pudding, Edward & Sons Trading Company's Let's Do .
Crank calls, a hankering for destruction, skatepark tag-age, fullpipe score keeper, slingshot assassin, Dustin's Jager accomplice, spot reconnoisseur .
But Bob, from Tenby, also has a hankering for old Brum and has sent a couple of photos he is sure will spark many happy Midland memories.
5-liter engine has been cast aside for the E-Class, although those with a hankering for force-fed power can still get 5.
JAHEIM: Ghetto Classics Those hankering for the glorious Philly soul sound of the 70s need hanker no more.
OSCAR AND YOU: If you have a hankering to hold an Academy Award and haven't yet been to Hollywood & Highland to check out the Oscars display, you have only until March 3 to enjoy this rare opportunity.
As these expense-anathematic luxuries drift off into the mists of history, the prevalent response by chief underwriters is, typically, an impotent combination of hunkering down and hankering for the good old days--neither of which does any good.
The starlet is hankering after rebellious royal, Prince Harry.
And if you've never quite gotten over your hankering for the archetypal '70s guy, may we suggest an evening curled up with Sam Elliott and Parker Stevenson, circa 1976, filling their Speedos in the dopey but delicious Lifeguard (Paramount, $14.
I heartily recommend it to both academic and general readers who have any interests in criminal justice, American history, family history, or a hankering for a well-told historical tale.
Will we hold the balance of power in Europe against America or, hankering after old Empire, become an outdated outpost of Pax Americana's perpetual war?
She said: "In reality these people are hankering after their youth.
Here's one of his: I had a hankering after a a pint so I went into a pub and said "I'll have a pint and a hankering please.