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have a hankering for (something)

To have a very strong, persistent desire or craving for something. I've been having a hankering for sushi ever since I came back from Tokyo last month. The former heavyweight champion has had a hankering for a chance to reclaim her title.
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hanker after someone or something

 and hanker for someone or something
Rur. to want someone or something; to long for someone or something. I hanker after a nice big beefsteak for dinner.
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The brown-eyed beauty says she's hankering for a family.
hankering, gross, mystical, nude; / How is it I extract strength from the beef I eat?
3 Are you hankering after one of those great coloured appliances?
Aren't critics of the modernization of the Middle East merely hankering back to nineteenth-century engravings of old Stamboul and Cairo, full of people and intimate, secret places which can have no role in the world of cars and computer-controlled air conditioning?
The second-tier consists of some three dozen smaller firms, hankering for tie-ups with each other and with the real bigwigs.
The great irony in all of this, however, is that it may well be our very hankering for home that is at the root of some of our current problems.
Chalk it up to a hankering for challenge and a call from a troubled, family-owned company that had spread itself too thin.
It's not one of Disney's best, and will once again leave you hankering for the Disney of old, but it is definitely worth a look - if only for Cage's sterling performance alone.
If you have a hankering to get a job in the gunsmithing business you might want to check this out.
TRAVELLERS taking trips to exotic destinations are shunning the sights and hankering for the hotel and pool instead, a survey out today showed.
Customers hankering after a jam, cream or ring doughnut were left disappointed yesterday as all traces were removed before 10.
A HANKERING for fish and chips almost cost a long distance driver his licence and his job.
JAHEIM: Ghetto Classics Those hankering for the glorious Philly soul sound of the 70s need hanker no more.
Its replacement is so good that one colleague was almost hankering for the old days, when playing squash had nothing to do with racquets and moving from your seat meant that getting it back was by no means certain.