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1. An ending of a piece of fiction (e.g., a television episode, chapter of a book, a film, etc.) characterized by a dramatically suspenseful and uncertain end. A good summer book always has a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter so that you never want to put it down! Judging by that movie's cliffhanger, I'd say we'll be seeing a sequel coming out fairly soon.
2. A serial television or film production characterized by such endings. That show is a cliffhanger—the episodes never really have endings.
3. Any contest, competition, or other such situation in which the outcome is suspenseful and uncertain until the very end. The two teams have been neck and neck for the entire second half, and with two minutes left this match has become a real cliffhanger. This election is looking like a cliffhanger, and we won't be able to truly say who's won until all the votes are counted.


Someone who spends time with a person or a group of people hoping to benefit in some way from the association. The term implies that such a person is sycophantic and/or unwanted. Ever since Jennifer became a famous actress, she's surrounded by hangers-on trying to use her to further their own careers.

ape hangers

n. long steering handles on a bicycle or motorcycle. Who is that guy riding the bike with ape hangers?
See also: ape, hanger

fence hanger

n. someone who cannot decide which side to be on. We need to find a way to persuade the fence hangers to come over to our side.
See also: fence, hanger


n. someone who tries to pass bad checks. (see also paper, paper-pusher.) He’s wanted as a paper-hanger in four states.
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So on your next shopping spree, leave the hangers at the till and help transform lives.
HUNG UP: Jackie Warren, an assistant branch manager at Johnson Cleaners, hands back her hangers to launch the Hand Back Your Hangers campaign
Hanger returned to his native Australia after leaving Huddersfield for a spell with Warrington Wolves.
In the cities of Japan, we keep the hangers and use them to hang laundry on the veranda, where the laundry will dry in the sun.
The workhorse of the line is the Ultimate Hanger ($4.
NIST engineers used time domain methodology developed at NIST to measure an aircraft in a paint hanger along the production line.
The site offers descriptions of each of the companies eight products including its: The Ultimate Belt Hanger, The Ultimate Kid's Hanger and new The Ultimate Travel Pack.
She learned that pairs of objects go together -- say, a ring and a baseball bat, and the same baseball bat and a clothes hanger--and then realized on her own that the ring, bat, and hanger form a group of interchangeable objects.
There is a round finger loop on each hanger designed to enable easy removal without actually having to touch the clothing.
NYSE: HGR) announced that Scott Ranson has joined Hanger as its Chief Information Officer (CIO), effective today.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to address the age old problem of Clothes Hanger clutter, the Clothes Hanger Storage Device, has been developed by Renee Bentley of Meridian, Idaho.
THE Marks & Spencer's store at the massive Merry Hill complex is holding the UK's first coat hanger amnesty to encourage customers to recycle unwanted ones.
Ditto[R] Sustainable Brand Solutions, designer of sustainably manufactured display products for the retail industry and 100% recyclable clothes hangers for the consumer market announced the company's sales increased 63% year-to-year, and consumer sales of its hanger 10-packs soared by 175% on average each month.
to the Hanger Board as a Director effective May 14, 2015.
8220;The stainless steel extension of our Globe, MaxMechanical and SilverHawk pipe support products has another benefit,” said Dan Collins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Globe Pipe Hanger Products, Inc.