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Players will meet Buffy's friends and foes at her typical hang outs, the Bronze Nightclub, the cemetery, Sunnydale High School and the library.
HANG OUTS Residents are spoilt with choice for international venues from the NEC to the Royal Agricultural Showground at Stoneleigh, near Kenilworth and historic Stratford-upon-Avon.
HANG OUTS Brewood Rotary Club was formed in 1990 and meets up once a week where activities and sports such as golf, games nights and walks are arranged.
Grill, seafood & oyster bar, with both indoor and outdoor dining along with entertainment and live music, topped off with our boardwalk set arcade,ideal restaurant for friendly hang outs or family gatherings.
He adds: "Then I figured that if I wanted to have a night out with these two I couldjust head down to Newz Bar, or one of the other celeb hang outs, and have a chat to them
And with more bars, cafes and late night hang outs than any other city in the world, Barcelona is a great choice for any night owls.