hang from

hang someone or something from something

to suspend someone or something from something. The captain wanted to hang him from the highest yardarm as punishment. I hung a colorful decoration from the windowsill.
See also: hang

hang from something

to be suspended from something. Colorful decorations hung from the branches of the tree. What is that hanging from the side of the building?
See also: hang
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Twelve banners -- each 7 feet by 20 feet -- hang from bridges on well-traveled Valencia streets, and two larger ones -- 5 feet by 30 feet -- hang on the Golden Valley Road bridge in Canyon Country.
pink paper lanterns to hang from inside the closet over the nightstand, and green fishnet to put inside the back wall of the closet to give it some depth.
The component allows an air tool to hang from a tool balancer attached to an overhead rail system, which permits raising, lowering and back-and-forth movements with minimal physical effort.
A 6-by-14-foot tile fresco of the radiant Virgin will hang from the outside wall, visible to motorists traveling Highway 101.