hang around

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hang around (with someone)

 and go around (with someone)
Fig. to spend a lot of time with someone; to waste away time with someone. John hangs around with Bill a lot. They've been going around with the Smiths.
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hang around

(some place) to loiter some place; to be in a place or in an area, doing nothing in particular. Why are you hanging around my office? It's comfortable here. I think I'll hang around here for a while.
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hang around

1. Spend time idly, loiter, as in Every afternoon they could be found hanging around the mall. [Mid-1800s] Also see hang out, def. 4.
2. Keep company or consort with someone, as in The younger campers loved to hang around the older ones. [Mid-1800s] Also see hang out, def. 5.
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hang (around)

in. to loiter; to waste away time doing nothing. Don’t just hang around. Get busy with something.
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If I'm still playing then who knows, I might hang around beyond the next Ashes.
If they repeatedly hang around, police can take further action against them and their parents using powers under the Antisocial Behaviour Act.
Andy Pepper, who runs the Youth Offending Service, said it was up to organisations such as his to get youngsters who hang around, involved in constructive activities.
It's really so they don't hang around the parking lot and accost people they were angry at, after the meeting,'' said Councilman Dave Golonski, who said he has seen only a handful of people evicted from meetings during his 11 years on the council.
PARENTS of children who hang around on Coventry's streets are to be sent letters from police.
I've been letting my opponents hang in there and hang around, and then anything can happen.
Before the game, San Fernando coach Sean Blunt was afraid of letting previously winless Monroe of North Hills hang around too long.
I try to hang around our coaches as much as possible and learn things for them.
They shoot apropos-of-nothing scenes featuring cavorting women in bikinis, mainly just to have women in bikinis hang around them, I guess.
The Wildcats let their cross-town rival hang around most of the game.
There's not a lot of people of different races who hang around together.
Plus, he substitutes more than Dunphy But these same players also see Stork more as a guy you can hang around with and not feel intimidated.
Under a full moon, and a blue one at that, the Broncos allowed the plucky Atlanta Falcons to hang around and hang around, and in the process tried to hang themselves.