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handsome is that handsome does

One's character is more important than one's physical attractiveness. Would you go out with my friend Doug? I know you don't think he's very good-looking, but he's just the nicest guy, and handsome is that handsome does.
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Handsome is as handsome does.

Prov. It is more important to treat people well than to be good-looking.; Just because you are good-looking does not mean you are a good person. Jill: I'd like to get to know George better. Jane: Why? Jill: He's so handsome. Jane: Handsome is as handsome does. He's a very unpleasant person.
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handsome is as handsome does

How one acts is more important than how one looks. For example, He may be homely, but he's the kindest man I've ever met-handsome is as handsome does. This expression already appeared in John Ray's 1670 collection of proverbs.
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high, wide, and handsome

mod. happy; carefree. Willy is high, wide, and handsome after his great triumph.
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He and Rapunzel's Prince (Billy Magnussen) steal the show with the unforgettable "Agony'' -- an ode to unrequited love and one-upmanship from the handsomest dolts you're likely to meet.
Take the slickest jazz hands, the handsomest smiles and a cast of the most jubilant singers you've ever heard.
THIS week we take at look at Middlesbrough's St Mary's Cathedral - once described as "the handsomest and largest ecclesiastical edifice in the town".
Ann and Holy Trinity) as "considered the handsomest in the United States"; CT to WCT, December 13, 1849 (80).
A Kodiak mother will select her handsomest and most promising boy, and dress and rear him as a girl, teaching him only domestic duties, keeping him at women's work, associating him with women and girls, in order to render his effeminacy complete.
Opera lovers, or at any rate the sarcastic among them, might argue that both commodities can sometimes be found on the stage of one of Italy's handsomest opera houses, the Teatro Regio, built in 1829 at the behest of the popular Duchess Marie Louise, erstwhile wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Awards given during the competition included the 'waggiest' tail, junior handler, prettiest female, handsomest male, best puppy, best veteran, most elegant saluki, scruffiest mutt, best groomed dog, most original name, dog most like its owner, best purebred and QAWS' best in show.
The update also includes a new Casual Mode for terrified little infants, and a Star System for heroes who complete actual challenges, plus a broad variety of updates to Dungeon Maestro Mode, in which a fourth player can take on the role of Dungeonland's handsomest and cleverest character behind the scenes.
To me the handsomest firearm is one showing signs of years of careful use.
26 ( ANI ): George Clooney, who is known as one of the handsomest man in Hollywood, quipped at the Oscars red carpet that growing his facial hair has made him look and feel a little older.
31) Moreover, opponents argued, if women did serve as jurors, they would side with "the handsomest lawyer.
She cannot stop provoking him with increasingly scornful comments, until finally he is goaded into declaring her '"one of the handsomest women of my acquaintance.
President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the building, calling it "the handsomest state capitol 1 have ever seen.
Classes include handsomest dog, waggiest tail, most beautiful eyes, X-factor for dogs (best trick) and several more.
The Sportsman, author of the racing volume of the tome British Sports and Sportsmen, published in 1920, says: "Bend Or was a beautiful horse, one of the handsomest it has ever been the lot of the writer to see.