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handsome is that handsome does

One's character is more important than one's physical attractiveness. Would you go out with my friend Doug? I know you don't think he's very good-looking, but he's just the nicest guy, and handsome is that handsome does.
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Handsome is as handsome does.

Prov. It is more important to treat people well than to be good-looking.; Just because you are good-looking does not mean you are a good person. Jill: I'd like to get to know George better. Jane: Why? Jill: He's so handsome. Jane: Handsome is as handsome does. He's a very unpleasant person.
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handsome is as handsome does

How one acts is more important than how one looks. For example, He may be homely, but he's the kindest man I've ever met-handsome is as handsome does. This expression already appeared in John Ray's 1670 collection of proverbs.
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handsome is as handsome does


pretty is as pretty does

You say handsome is as handsome does or pretty is as pretty does, to mean that you should judge someone by their actions and not by their appearance. Handsome is as handsome does, my mother and grandmother always said in order to prevent self-admiration. Yes, she's pretty — but pretty is as pretty does.
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handsome is as handsome does

character and behaviour are more important than good looks. proverb
In this particular form the proverb dates from the mid 17th century. When used of behaviour, handsome really means ‘chivalrous’ or ‘genteel’, though in this saying it is taken to refer to good looks. The original sense is made clear in the earlier version: goodly is he that goodly dooth .
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high, wide, and handsome

expansive and impressive; stylish and carefree in manner. informal
This phrase originated in the USA, and Yankee Slang ( 1932 ) identifies ‘Ride him, Cowboy, high, wide and handsome’ as a shout commonly heard at rodeos.
1990 Times Education Supplement Your eyes are often distracted by high quality displays of work, and the library is high, wide and handsome.
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high, wide, and handsome

mod. happy; carefree. Willy is high, wide, and handsome after his great triumph.
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She ventures into lush territory here on an album where left-field resourcefulness and mainstream ambition merge handsomely.
I think the board need to come clean and explain why they should be remunerated so handsomely for such abject failure and why they should be re-elected.
Many white Americans--even as they continue to profit handsomely from family, corporate, and collegiate networks that few blacks can hope to penetrate--remain indifferent to the degrading realities of everyday and structural discrimination in America.
Featuring access to an upscale health club, the handsomely appointed room is under development to offer residents a movie theater quality private screening room with advanced projection screen and club chairs, multiple seating areas, a billiards room, baby grand piano, library, game room, and wireless internet access.
When the Environmental Protection Agency finally cracked down on the polluters there, the mining companies that had benefited handsomely for a century simply abandoned the town.
It now appears that Moon is being handsomely rewarded for his efforts.
Not so, however, with Matt Sinclair-Foreman's insightful and handsomely rendered tale of young man blues, White Out.
Readers of this book will find a handsomely produced design, profusely illustrated in color and black and white images whose quality varies.
In the last section of Nocturnal Path, the pair performs a handsomely crafted, intertwined sculptured duet with many shapely references to Asian art motifs.
Not disturbing the shrinelike sanctuary of the solitary prophet, a series of eight handsomely rendered but in the end ho-hum "Prophetic Drawings" in pencil and (save one) gold marker was hung around the gallery's antechambers: more veilings; grave, Mapplethorpe-y flowers; etc.
Cheney's service as the head of Halliburton was book-ended by his involvement in the two Gulf Wars--and the firm has profited handsomely both times.
There, quite stately and handsomely dressed, in a wheel chair, golf club in hand, was a United States military veteran.
At risk is the legacy the Duke fought and paid so handsomely to secure, which will be forever changed.
So Hicks in effect bought back the 60 cable systems he sold so handsomely just a few years ago, as well as a lot of other rich assets, including TV, radio and sports programming.
It's a convenient tactic for the business community, which stands to gain handsomely from dismantling these programs.