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golden handshake

A large severance package given to an executive who leaves a company due to termination, corporate restructuring, or retirement. The company's vice president received a $500,000 golden handshake after being pressured to leave his position.
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a golden handshake

a large sum of money which is given to someone when they leave a company, especially if they are forced to leave The manager got early retirement and a £600,000 golden handshake when the company was restructured.
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golden handshake

Generous severance pay to an employee, often as an incentive for early retirement. For example, With a dwindling school population, the town decided to offer golden handshakes to some of the teachers . This slangy business term dates from the mid-1900s. A close relative is golden parachute, a generous severance agreement for an executive in the event of sudden dismissal owing to a merger or similar circumstance. This expression first appeared about 1980.
See also: golden, handshake
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Having a firm handshake is important for making a good impression," Chaplin said.
Although the handshake still dominates in Western culture many popular alternatives known colloquially as dap greetings, such as the high-"ve and the "st-bump, are now commonplace, particularly among younger members of society.
Despite the fuss produced by the handshake, it's too bad Obama didn't find the time to have a longer discussion with the Cuban leader.
No two-handed shakes--this is known as a "politician's handshake," Navarro says, and he recommends reserving it for Grandpa.
Justices Kihara Kariuki, Kathurima M'Inoti and Jamila Mohamed said Telkom should pay its control and unionisable team the comparative of two-and-a-half months' primary wage for each year of completed service, Sh40,000 in transportation considerations and at least Sh150 million Golden Handshakes.
And it also mentions the record held jointly by Alastair Galpin and Don Purdon, and also by brothers Rohit and Santosh Timilsina, who both tried to set a new mark for the longest handshake at the same time and in the end agreed to share it when they reached 33 hours and three minutes.
But they will go through the ritual pre-match handshake with West Ham before today's Premier League game at Upton Park.
The focus should be on the football not on the handshake.
I have a view on where they are, but if the Premier League says the handshake goes ahead then so be it, we'll accept that," ESPN (http://www.
The FA gave QPR and Chelsea permission not to take part in the prematch handshake ahead of their FA Cup tie in January, but that was because Ferdinand had received a death threat.
Mark Hughes will hold a meeting with QPR's players this morning to discuss whether to snub Terry's handshake, something Ferdinand's lawyers have already advised their client to do.
THE Premier League have suspended the pre-match handshake at Sunday's game between Chelsea and QPR due to the legal situation involving John Terry and Anton Ferdinand.
Summary: There will no customary pre-match handshake at Sunday's game between Chelsea and QPR.
The handshake of the host affects the taste of the roast.
KARACHI, March 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Sindh High Court (SHC) has annulled the earlier decision of subordinate court, regarding golden handshake of 400 employees of agriculture department.