hands off

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hands off

An instruction for one to refrain from touching or handling (something or someone). (Usually said imperatively.) Hey, hands off those cookies, they're for after dinner! I have every right to be on this property, so hands off, fellas! That television is brand new, so hands off!
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Hands off!

Do not touch someone or something. Careful! Don't touch that wire. Hands off! The sign says, "Hands off!" and you had better do what it says.
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hands off

An order to stop touching or interfering with something, as in Hands off the cake, children! This idiom is also put as keep one's hands off, as in She knew she had to keep her hands off so he could learn to tie his shoes by himself. [Mid-1500s]
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hands off!

used to warn someone against touching or interfering with something.
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(get/keep/take your) ˌhands ˈoff (somebody/something)

(spoken) used to tell somebody not to touch somebody/something: Those cakes are for tea, so hands off!Keep your hands off my tools, please.
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In January the Examiner reported that permission for a judicial review had been refused leading to Hands Off HRI requesting today's oral hearing in court to seek permission for one.
Hands Off Cain said Tehran doubled the number of people it put to death in 2006, executing at least 215 people compared with 113 in 2005, though it said the real number may be even higher.
But Robson told the Spaniards: "Keep your hands off Alan Shearer - if I sold him it would be like selling the Tyne Bridge.
Big difference from the days of suicide shifters when you had to take both hands off the wheel to shift," he said with great earnestness, squinting in the afternoon sun.
Why Hands Off HRI's hoodies, hats and t-shirts were banned by police on visit to Jeremy Corbyn Hands off HRI made an impact on Wednesday and made sure London noticed us and the closure of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.
Hands off our health service WHILE candidates from all parties around the country are seeking votes for the coming election, there is a sinister move afoot putting our NHS in danger of being privatised despite the promises from party leaders that the NHS is safe in our hands.
The "Hands off Birmingham, Hands off the Black Country" protest will take place outside Dudley Council House at 5.
Also showing off her endless legs was Oscarwinner Charlize Theron, whose boyfriend Sean Penn couldn't keep his hands off her.
Basically, what the woman is communicating to others is, "I've got him - hands off," she added.
Cameron and Brown have to be told in no uncertain terms to keep their hands off Scotland's cash," said Mr Salmond.
In this counter run play utilizing the boot-blocking scheme, the QB hands off to F as in the counter-trey, F sprints four steps to the outside, gives the ball to Z on a wide reverse, and continues on a fake run.
LIBRARY staff have been ordered to keep their hands off kids to avoid being branded paedophiles.
So hands off the tubes, or you'll hear snap, crackle and pop and maybe some yelling from the repairers who have to drill out the rivets and fix the damage.
The advertisements are coming down at the request of the Community Action Network, a coalition of parents and youths in the Conejo Valley taking part in the nationwide Hands Off Halloween campaign.