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postage and handling

The costs involved with packaging something and delivering it through the postal system. The gadget is just $59.99, plus $9.99 for postage and handling. The postage and handling was more expensive than the thing I bought!
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postage and handling

charges for shipping [something] and for wrapping and handling the item. The cost of the book was quite reasonable, but the postage and handling was outrageous. They did not charge postage and handling because I prepaid the order.
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shipping and handling

the costs of handling a product and transporting it to a customer. Shipping and handling charges were included in the price. The cost of the goods is low and shipping and handling added only a few dollars.
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Couplings, tube bends and other components for pneumatic handling systems and industrial vacuum applications available for quick shipment.
Kenco's Webb says grabs are typically used when material handling calls for more precision, laying pipe for instance.
Swanson cites societal changes such as these as reasons why marketers should promote science-based animal welfare and handling.
The problem of unpredictability of a flight control system is characterized by handling quality cliffs and pilot induced oscillation (PIO).
He says the machines offer enhanced material handling, less ground disturbance and improved tire life in the all-wheel-steer mode, while offering maneuverability in confined spaces in skid-steer mode.
Contributing to this manpower reduction is the handling systems' operating system with internal diagnostics that prompt operating personnel with the routine operation of the system.
With proper care and handling, most of the common optical media formats have a storage life of 30 years or more.
Implementation of retrofit components can provide a wide range of possible improvements including additional cooling capacity, better slurry coating, better automation of handling and better stacking of milled or extruded rubber product resulting in high accuracy laydown for ease of transportation.
Leffler served as chairman and president of the Material Handling Institute and chairman of the board of Event Planning International Corporation (EPIC).
Announced today and demonstrated at LegalTech in New York City (booth # 329/331), AccuRoute Option Pack for Legal includes Interwoven DMS extensions allowing users to easily define document routing and handling rules from within the matter-centric environment and profile and route documents simultaneously from their desktop.
Unirob linear part extractors are independently operable, multiple-axis, general-purpose handling devices for use on all injection molding machines in a variety of applications.
The need to handle these smaller loads (sometimes in confined spaces) means plenty of work is suited to forklift trucks handling pallets, drums, barrels, single bales and Gaylord boxes.
This different approach to handling data has many advantages over today's large expensive storage arrays.
Despite the availability of up-to-date material handling systems, effective process flow methods and new equipment technologies, the advancement of the cleaning room has lagged behind other areas.
It is the state's fourth most active port, handling just under 1 million tons of cargo each year.