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postage and handling

charges for shipping [something] and for wrapping and handling the item. The cost of the book was quite reasonable, but the postage and handling was outrageous. They did not charge postage and handling because I prepaid the order.
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shipping and handling

the costs of handling a product and transporting it to a customer. Shipping and handling charges were included in the price. The cost of the goods is low and shipping and handling added only a few dollars.
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Supplies automatic handling systems for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing, and weighing of bulk materials and ingredients.
Thus, a lot of buyers are looking for machines with added reach, so the scrap handlers can park for an extended period of time while handling scrap in a wide circumference of territory.
An extremely important aspect of your inquiry handling program will be adequate follow-up to make sure your salesperson or agent doesn't drop the ball by failing to contact the prospect.
6,505,705]) - 6-1/2-Inch two-way loudspeaker; sensitivity: 93dB; power handling, RMS: 60 watts; power handling, peak: 180 watts; MAP pricing: $119.
Omtool, Ltd is a leading provider of document handling solutions that simplify the integration of paper and electronic documents in enterprise information management systems.
Key Highlights - The global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market valued US$109.
Automated process solutions for applications including material handling, assembly, material removal, welding, cutting, painting, dispensing, palletizing, and packing.
Skid steers appear to be growing in popularity with recyclers, according to the 2001 Recycling Today mobile material handling survey.
While a seamless handling and cleaning flow is ideal, it requires a process with the capability of cleaning castings efficiently at high-or low-volume rates.
The other two problem areas of micro ingredient automation, however, namely the materials handling aspect and a total system cost, were not helped with this upgrade in instrumentation.
In response, we enhanced our AccuRoute document handling platform to allow for text accessibility, conversion and even faxing from mobile devices further extending AccuRoute throughout the enterprise.
Synopsis This report provides detailed market analysis, information, trends, issues and insights into the global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market, including: -- The regional and global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market's growth prospects by category -- Analysis of the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North American, Latin American and European markets separately with country level data -- Critical insight into the impact of the market through comparative analysis of country level data -- Profiles of key companies operating in the cranes, lifting and handling equipment industry Summary The global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market valued US$109.
Complete system integration for parts and container handling from molding through packaging.
RRFB Nova Scotia, Truro, has announced an immediate increase in beverage container handling fees paid to the province's Enviro-Depot[TM] operators.