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hand someone something

Fig. to tell someone something; to tell someone nonsense. Don't hand me that stuff! That's silly! She handed me a line about being a famous author.


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In order to bring these themes to the fore, and to establish the conversational exchange between the diva and handless maiden, I here recount a short version of the Handless Maiden tale.
Sweeney had also drawn a picture of Melissa - a naked, headless and handless woman with her ankles and wrists bound.
What seems like a revelatory gesture--the hand behind these handless photographs brought into plain sight--is also a demonstration of the artist's power to meddle and hide things from view.
Handless, eyeless, what have you to say to those of us
Is this what they see when they see me and my six handless arms, shining torso and cuspid humor?
Handless mice--One example is the HeadMouse Extreme, a $1,000 pointer you attach to your head.
Perhaps if a group of legless, handless, blind or otherwise horribly disfigured and ruined children had paraded through the White House in their wheelchairs, on their crutches or tapping their canes on the beautiful marble floors, it might have made a difference.
For example, it can be argued that the purpose of Lavinia's mutilation and rape by the Goths is to "reduce" her to "mere" flesh, an object unable to bear the abstract values associated with her functioning body and unmarred procreativity; mute, handless and rendered "unchaste," she is no longer Rome's beauty, its guarantee of pure posterity, and becomes instead a sign of Rome's collapse into decadence, its "deterioration" into its base, vulgar, inarticulate Goth Other.
The one centered on a blue clock though how we know it is a clock is a question given that it has no hands and really is just a handless blue orb against green bands and buildings colored charcoal, colored limestone angled into mountains figured as part of the same plane.
Furthermore, if the handless woman in Dorset is the same as the one who appeared in Norwich, she clearly travelled large distances across England.
The Handless Maiden: Moriscos and the Politics of Religion in Early Modern Spain.
Perry, Mary Elizabeth, The Handless Maiden: Moriscos and the Politics of Religion in Early Modern Spain.
He discovers that even a handless prince can change the course of history.