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velvet handcuffs

A situation that is undesirable, unenjoyable, or unfulfilling but that provides enough financial security as to make one unwilling or unable to leave. After nearly three years at my mind-numbing job, held back by the velvet handcuffs of my salary and benefits, I decided to break away from it all and go live in Japan.
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golden handcuffs

financial arrangements given by a company to an important employee in order to influence them to stay with the company Share options are offered to top executives as golden handcuffs.
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golden handcuffs

Financial benefits that an employee will lose upon resigning, as in The company's presented all the middle managers with golden handcuffs, so they can't afford to leave . This slangy business expression dates from the 1970s.
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golden handcuffs

n. monetary inducements to stay on the job. (see also golden parachute.) The company provided a variety of golden handcuffs to keep its execs happy through a takeover.
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The handcuffs were removed by fire crews and she was taken to University Hospital of Wales by ambulance.
The concealable universal handcuff key is made in the USA by Larson Electronics and is restricted to government agencies and related personnel.
In the Mena case, the police officers executing the search warrant "entered [Mena's] bedroom and placed her in handcuffs at gunpoint.
LIMBS in the loch victim Barry Wallace may have struggled while wearing handcuffs before he died.
While en route, the offender again slipped his legs through the handcuffs and positioned his hands in front of him.
But he said the company only sold its handcuffs to police forces and security firms and that the public is not able to buy them.
Officers also understand that properly used handcuffs serve to protect both the officer and the individual the officer takes into custody.
When officers make an arrest, they should handcuff the subjects' hands behind their backs, not in front.
Current laws do not allow officers to handcuff suspects without justifiable cause - for example if they are violent, attempting to escape detention, or if there is any intelligence to suggest they will resist arrest.
Gotter said it was sheriff's office policy to handcuff anyone being transported in the back of a patrol car.
A] jury could have reasonably found from the evidence that there was no apparent need to handcuff [Mena] for the entire duration of the search and that she was detained for an unreasonably prolonged period.
Recruits to Scotland's eight police forces are being told to handcuff drinking drivers as part of their training.
DALLAS -- While universal handcuff keys can open most brands of handcuffs, they all share one common characteristic.
A private company's security does not have the authority to handcuff us.
Once they subdue them, police personnel handcuff and may need to restrain them further by hog-tying their legs together or by strapping them to a stretcher or board.