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I popped backstage once again in a bid to see Michael but the closest I got was a gloved hand waving from one of the tented areas.
The former bus driver and miner has no voice box, so his family rely on lip-reading and hand waving to communicate with him.
People love to see a priest right there on the streets and it provides a lot of opportunity for hand waving and talking.
Only gradually do details appear: a hand waving, the silhouette of a limousine, a head, a broad back.
Fist pumps, hand waving and all sorts of monkey-like mannerisms.
The poems are interspersed with beautiful wood engravings of the farm, their horses, soldiers resting under a tree, the battles and one of a hand waving after the boy's father has been killed.
Music and encouragement came booming over the giant speakers which sparked a wave of impromptu dancing, hand waving and cheering - particularly when a certain Paula Radcliffe made her way to the starting line for the beginning of the elite woman's race.
Corey Maggette kept a hand waving in Vince Carter's face.
He cites one example of an organization that he believes serves a genuinely public interest, the Sierra Club, but that's just trendy hand waving.
Not Just Hand Waving, Proof-of-Concept Prototype to Show at Winter CES
It consists of either a raised hand waving or four fingers extended upward from the steering wheel.
CHATTY J Kate at Whitton Country Park GORGEOUS Smiling Kate captivates the wedding well-wishers HIGH POINT J Couple in Darwen LAUGHS J She's given red roses GLAD HAND Waving to crowd yesterday
An idea for a story seems to come all of a sudden, like the time I saw a yellow rubber glove floating, fingers-up, under a pier, like a hand waving.
Jason took out his magnifying glass and saw that beside each of the drawings were a triangle and a man holding up his hand waving.
She's more irritated than grateful (cue lots of head shaking, hand waving and noisy protestation) every time I break into her playtime to dab her nose.