hand to

hand something to someone

to give something to someone by hand. The clerk handed her a message when she stopped at the desk. This message was just handed to me.
See also: hand
References in classic literature ?
After looking doubtfully at it, two or three times, as if to be sure that it was really there, he laid down his work, put his hand to his neck, and took off a blackened string with a scrap of folded rag attached to it.
If, without disturbing him," she said, raising her hand to Mr.
Then came the recruits, new-caught, young, savage things, timid as deer, yet yielding to stern parental and tribal law and going down into the Arangi's cabin, one by one, their fathers and mothers and relatives accompanying them in family groups, to confront the big fella white marster, who wrote their names down in a mysterious book, had them ratify the three years' contract of their labour by a touch of the right hand to the pen with which he wrote, and who paid the first year's advance in trade goods to the heads of their respective families.
Thus then, my father, did Chaka the King, the greatest man who has ever lived in Zululand, and the most evil, pass by my hand to those kraals of the Inkosazana where no sleep is.
He was never clear of the foe, but was always in the thick of the fight; his spear was never idle; he poised and aimed it in every direction, so eager was he to hit someone from a distance or to fight him hand to hand.
At the break of the poop he reeled, raised one hand to his eyes with the familiar brushing gesture, and fell down the steps--still on his feet--to the main deck, across which he staggered, falling and flinging out his arms for support.
Neville,' laying his left hand on the inner shoulder of that young gentleman, and thus walking on between them, hand to shoulder on either side:
Jasper, still walking in the centre, hand to shoulder on either side, beautifully turns the Refrain of a drinking song, and they all go up to his rooms.
Waiting and waiting and waiting--eight years of waiting, watching your mom and dad receive the Host, watching wafers travel hand to heart, wondering at the zest and awe of it, waiting for it in your own cupped hands, waiting for the quiver of the Host in the holy cave of your mouth, wondering what it will taste like, wondering what it will be like to have God teetering at the lip of your lips .
That contraction allows your hand to move toward the soda can and permits your fingers to grasp it.
Being forcibly switched from using one's left hand to using the right, for example, was standard procedure several decades ago, says Karen Carlisle, owner of Left Hand World at Pier 39 in San Francisco, a specialty shop stocked with games and gadgets designed for left-handers.
I've grabbed someone's hand to pray even when I could tell they felt uncomfortable, 13% agree, 82% disagree, 5% other
All involved the fragile metacarpal bones that reach from the base of the hand to the first set of knuckles.