hand back

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hand something back (to someone)

to return something to someone by hand. Would you please hand this paper back to Scott? Hand back this book to Fred, if you please.
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A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "While the staff were talking to the woman, the offender returned to the post office to apologise and hand back some of the money he had stolen.
Now the charity is demanding its former boss hand back pounds 30,000 of a pounds 60,700 bonus paid to her in 2003, when the organisation was in dire straits.
No-one at the club was available for comment today on the decision to hand back his ticket.
He was told to hand back his flak jacket because there were not enough to go round.
Aviation authorities in Jordan have stated however that they are unaware of any agreement to hand back the aircraft, and noted that this would require approval from the United Nations.
Should Matisse be forced to hand back his BGT crown?
Responding to the company's decision to hand back the centres, a Denbighshire Council spokeswoman said: " Clwyd Leisure Limited has chosen to communicate yet again via the media, and the timing of this press release is again unfortunate, not allowing the council the time to consider the proposal which would have been in the best interest of the public.
And, please, let's have no more ministers hoping that wealthy pensioners will hand back their passes.
THE man running Halifax Bank of Scotland when it collapsed is being urged by MPs to hand back some of his gigantic pension.
ROYAL Bank of Scotland shareholders reacted angrily after Sir Fred Goodwin refused to hand back any of his pounds 703,000 annual pension.
Summary: Fifteen of 20 AIG bosses have agreed to hand back their controversial bonuses in full.
Overall, the group estimates that people are collectively making pounds 538,409 a year through failing to hand back money that is not theirs.
MERSEYSIDE dry cleaner Johnson's is calling on families to hand back its distinctive yellow coat hangers.
In a symbolic gesture of protest, 50 pensioners were to hand back their precious Long Service and Good Conduct medals to the Government.
A BERLIN museum is refusing to hand back rare fossils stolen from an old Scottish quarry - six years after it was fingered for its part in the theft.