hammer home

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hammer something home

Fig. to try extremely hard to make someone understand or realize something. The boss hopes to hammer the firm's poor financial position home to the staff. I tried to hammer home to Anne the fact that she would have to get a job.
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hammer home something

also hammer something home
to keep repeating an idea or opinion so it is understood Politicians seem to think voters won't understand even a simple message unless it is hammered home in speech after speech.
Related vocabulary: bring something home (to somebody)
Etymology: based on the meaning of hammer home a nail (to hit a nail deep into the wood)
See also: hammer, home
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A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: "By confiscating the scooter and so removing the problem, this may hammer home the message more successfully than a caution.
Opening band the Strokes, tipped in the British press to be part of an even newer, younger wave of hopefuls, cranked out a set of mod songs that prove you don't need much more than three minutes to hammer home a tune and some brash lyrics.
The striker got up to hammer home the kick for United.
Noelia Rodriguez, chief executive officer of the Host Committee, said such a party was planned and that the meeting with the business leaders was important to hammer home the need for a partnership.
The authorities must hammer home the message that there is no joy in so-called joyriding.
Cienfuegos followed the play, getting a pass back from Myers a few yards in front of the Wizards net, but Cienfuegos couldn't hammer home the one-touch finish as a Wizards defender slid to angle his shot wide.
Mrs Bush will give a US radio address this weekend while Mrs Blair will join women Cabinet ministers on Monday to hammer home the message.
Still, they said teens benefit from events like the second annual ``Teens Kick Ash" that continue to hammer home the anti-smoking message.
Paul McDonald pulled one back for Morton in the dying minutes of the first half, only to watch as Wyness returned from the break to hammer home the final nails in their coffin.
Our final comment about the issue used to hammer home their negative and destructive message: namely, Belmont High School.
Peter Beadle rose high above the Millers defence to hammer home Mickey Bell's corner.