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1. Literally, a beef patty, typically served on a bun. I'm just going to get a hamburger with fries.
2. A shares of stock in the McDonald's corporation. In this usage, the word is usually plural. How are your hamburgers doing, in light of the criticism McDonald's has faced lately?
3. Someone regarded as insignificant and dumb. Don't worry about that fool, he's just hamburger.

make hamburger (out) of (someone)

To defeat, punish, or thrash someone decisively and severely. If he doesn't stop teasing me, I'm going to make hamburger of him. You better practice for Sunday's match, or your opponent will make hamburger out of you.
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make mincemeat (out) of someone

 and make hamburger (out) of someone
Fig. to beat or pound someone or something; to treat someone or something roughly. (As if chopping someone up.) If you don't behave, I'll make mincemeat out of you. Do you want Fred to make hamburger out of you?
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make mincemeat of

Also, make hamburger of. Thrash, beat decisively, as in That bully will make mincemeat of my son, or The other team will make hamburger out of us. This idiom alludes to finely chopping up meat. The first term dates from about 1700, the variant from the first half of the 1900s.
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make mincemeat of

defeat decisively or easily in a fight, contest, or argument. informal
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n. a stupid and worthless person—meat. The guy is just hamburger. You can’t teach him anything.


n. shares in the McDonald’s corporation. (Securities markets. New York Stock Exchange jargon.) I want 400 shares of hamburgers.
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make hamburger out of someone/something

and make mincemeat out of someone/something
tv. to beat someone or something to a pulp; to destroy someone or something. The puppy made mincemeat out of my paper. Say that again and I’ll make hamburger out of you!

make mincemeat of

To destroy utterly: made mincemeat of the opponent's argument.
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