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halfhearted (about someone or something)

unenthusiastic about someone or something. Ann was halfhearted about the choice of Sally for president. She didn't look halfhearted to me. She looked angry.
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Even Kate was halfheartedly flicking mud around with her welly, tying to unearth the ring.
LAST September, ITV halfheartedly released a decent Julie Walters comedy called Driving Lessons in cinemas - and it sank without trace before parking itself in the festive TV listings.
Instead, we get the 46-year-old ingenue Tracey Ullman, and while she's serviceable, there's a certain lackluster energy to the proceedings as the cast only halfheartedly commit to material that's not nearly as clever as it once was.
After the expedition, Lewis halfheartedly tried to marry and failed.
WALL STREET halfheartedly extended its rally, sending blue chips sharply higher but selling high-tech issues as worries about earnings reappeared.
Heard halfheartedly tries to contact one such group and quickly gives up.
So they handed Republicans a safe seat, while whittling away halfheartedly at a couple of other GOP districts.
Conversely, if an employee perceives that his or her contract is being violated or halfheartedly honored, the employee's performance is at the low end of the range.
Those who bothered to boo, did so just like the Raiders played - halfheartedly.
Yes, I should have written letters to protest the cancellation of her TV show and even agreed halfheartedly that her show was "too gay.
The NAR's control over the country's MLSs--which handle about 80 percent of all home sales--has been picked at halfheartedly by various agencies for years, but with little real change, and with no lessening of the Realtors' stranglehold on the industry.
Likewise, sundry subplots at 62 Truck seem halfheartedly explored.
There is just too much going on for me at the moment and I don't want to do the job halfheartedly.