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halfhearted (about someone or something)

unenthusiastic about someone or something. Ann was halfhearted about the choice of Sally for president. She didn't look halfhearted to me. She looked angry.
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Their halfhearted opposition to a president who has revealed himself as another, albeit smoother, tax-and-spend liberal is shameful.
Digital terrestrial TV (DTT) has suffered from a combination of poor marketing, halfhearted government support, and poor targeting of services, according to a new Yankee Group Report, "ITV Update, Part 1: DTT Down, But Is It Out?
But Labour by-election spokesman John Park said: "Peter Grant looks halfhearted and not interested in the job.
There will be a halfhearted attempt at training and no cash to spend.
THE Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan to slash funding for local service sector governance councils offers yet more evidence that the halfhearted movement toward community empowerment in Los Angeles is coming to an end.
The only proper rule is never to fight at all if you can honorably avoid it, but never under any circumstances to fight in a halfhearted way.
may or may not prove to be the death knell of a bloated and undiscriminating market, as some have already hailed it, but either way, its combination of the halfhearted and the overblown made for a profoundly disheartening viewing experience.
It was almost inevitable, then, that ``SM3'' would wind up in the quagmire of desperate slapstick and halfhearted satire.
In Brown's case, it comes off as halfhearted lip service, an allusion retained solely to flag as contemporary a practice that is, at heart, fundamentally conservative.
Caring for manic children isn't nearly as exhausting as watching 90 minutes of Murphy and Garlin's halfhearted pratfalls and double takes.
Pacing is kind of pokey, confrontations feel halfhearted, and in the middle of this pointedly pointless nonsense, Neil delivers a heartfelt soliloquy about losing his daughter to cancer that is as poignant as it seems out of place.