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hale and hearty

Cliché healthy. The young infant was hale and hearty. The calf—hale and hearty—ran around the barnyard.
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Fig. friendly to everyone; falsely friendly to everyone. (Usually said of males.) Yes, he's friendly, sort of hale-fellow-well-met. He's not a very sincere person. Hail-fellow-well-met—you know the type. What a pain he is. Good old Mr. Hail-fellow-well-met. What a phony!

hale and hearty

an old person who is hale and hearty is still very healthy and strong At 77 he is hale and hearty, getting up at six every morning to walk three miles.
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hale and hearty

In robust good health, as in After her long bout with pneumonia, I was glad to see her hale and hearty. This redundant expression, since both hale and hearty here mean "healthy," probably survives owing to its pleasing alliteration. [Mid-1800s]
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Haler said the panel plans to zero in more specifically on both data from cities and towns and strategic approaches and make action recommendations to the Board in July.
But, as I understood it, one of the last parts of the brain to be affected is the one which concerns emotion and emotional attachment and Mrs Haler has always been emotionally attached to the church.
Results: A total of 429 subjects were randomized (215 to active in haler and 214 to placebo).
It creates a layering that, to me, is much more dimensional than a mark on the surface; it penetrates the surface," Haler says.
Mrs Bewley claims that a volunteer from the church said Mrs Haler couldn't have Communion as she "wasn't on the list", and would have to contact Rev Fr Lochran to get it.
The Sanyo acquisition also provided Haler with more than 100 new refrigeration research-and-development personnel, as well as access to the Southeast Asian market.
Tenders are invited for Water Supply Scheme Haler Blcok Jalandhar West MH PC Providing and Installing deep tubewell 200mm id of 150 mtr depth with Reverse Rotary Rig Supplying and laying of PVC pipes valves and specials and Other Civil Work complete in all respect Construction of RCC OHSR 50000 ltrs capacity with 20m FSL complete in all respects and O and M for 4 Months For Detail Please See DNIT
Larry Haler, R-Richland, ranking member of the House Higher Education Committee
In addition to manufacturing its own branded microwaves, the company does original-equipment manufacturing for recognizable brands like GE, Whirlpool, Emerson, Haler, Avanti and Magic Chef, he said.
Tenders are invited for Water Supply Scheme Haler (MH-PC)Providing and Installing deep lubewell 200 mm i/d of 150 mtr depth with Reverse Rotary Rig.
NEW YORK -- Haler is gearing up to take the high ground as it makes its first push into the mid- to high-end major appliance arena.
under the leadership of Chair Larry Haler, a Council Member from Richland, Wash.
Their addition to our management team will allow Bob Haler, our highly creative Chief Technology Officer (CTO), to devote more time to the design and development of new product concepts, which can then be turned over to Steve in engineering and Ed in operations management," concluded Ross.
Council Member Larry Haler, chair of the committee, moderated the meeting.
Biovail, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Defined Health, Direct Haler A/S, Domain Associates, LLC, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Epic Therapeutics, Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Integrium, Korn Ferry International, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Paladin Labs Inc.