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hale and hearty

Cliché healthy. The young infant was hale and hearty. The calf—hale and hearty—ran around the barnyard.
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Fig. friendly to everyone; falsely friendly to everyone. (Usually said of males.) Yes, he's friendly, sort of hale-fellow-well-met. He's not a very sincere person. Hail-fellow-well-met—you know the type. What a pain he is. Good old Mr. Hail-fellow-well-met. What a phony!

hale and hearty

an old person who is hale and hearty is still very healthy and strong At 77 he is hale and hearty, getting up at six every morning to walk three miles.
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hale and hearty

In robust good health, as in After her long bout with pneumonia, I was glad to see her hale and hearty. This redundant expression, since both hale and hearty here mean "healthy," probably survives owing to its pleasing alliteration. [Mid-1800s]
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Hale and colleagues report that the contributions of PBDE congeners in the sewage sludge samples matched those in the penta-commercial formulation, which is used as a flame retardant in polyurethane foam.
The majority of the tenants interviewed by the newspaper have never completed a drug program, lived in a homeless shelter or have had children in foster care - all requirements for residency under the Hale House roof.
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