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the halcyon days

a very happy or successful period in the past
Usage notes: Halcyon days are two weeks of good weather during the winter when the days are the shortest in the year.
(often + of ) She recalled the halcyon days of childhood. That was in the halcyon days of the 1980's when the economy was booming.
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halcyon days

A calm and peaceful period of time. There was an old belief that two weeks of calm weather were to be expected just before and after the winter solstice, when the halcyon bird (a species akin to the kingfisher) calmed the sea in order to lay and hatch her eggs on a floating nest. That idea originated with the Greek myth of Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus, god of the winds, who was married to the king of Thessaly. When the king was drowned at sea, Alcyone threw herself into the water in her grief. However, the gods transformed her into the halcyon bird whom the wind carried to be reunited with her husband.
See also: days, halcyon
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The fourth class of Halcyon fellows and their ventures are:
These actions were consistent with the culture of non-compliance fostered by Halcyon and its principals, which manifested itself in widespread sales practice abuses and AML violations that are also detailed in this case.
Automating: Halcyon enables IT teams to set up 'self-corrective actions' to issues or problems to ensure that they never impact the business again.
Designed by SLCE Architects, Halcyon features a modern, glass exterior with limestone cladding and bronze metalwork.
Basically I entrusted Halcyon to them and, one year later, she was ready to take to the seas again and she returned to Milford Haven in the spring of 2007.
Cohen was the founder of Halcyon when the firm started in 2007.
Halcyon will likewise benefit from this partnership by having direct access to our large network of partners and our vast experience in delivering services to high-profile clients across the region.
The bank also claims Halcyon failed to keep the project properly insured as required by the mortgage agreement.
I've been in this industry for eight years now, and I've never seen anyone so thankful to receive a paycheck," says Brett DeWolf, environmental services supervisor, who organized the program at Halcyon.
The Halcyon Hotel is situated near Notting Hill Gate, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and alongside Holland Park itself.
Based in Atlanta, Halcyon Healthcare focuses on building a best-in-class home health care platform while providing high-quality, cost-effective services and information through its two brands, Halcyon Hospice and Halcyon Home Health.
CEO of PhotonStar LED, James McKenzie, said: "This next revolutionary step for our halcyon platform will drive disruption into the lighting industry and building services as well as create new business opportunities for ourselves and our partners.
The software is shipped with the Halcyon Enterprise Console, which provides the IT team with a point and click, single view of all alerts across the whole enterprise from any platform, including SNMP enabled devices.
Halcyon Jets Holdings Inc (OTCBB: HJHO), a provider of on-demand private charter aircraft services, has announced that it will offer a USD5M gift card for those who want to share the gift of travel via private jet.
announced that Halcyon Asset Management signed a ten year lease extension covering 45,000 s/f at 477 Madison Avenue.