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mod. hazardous; difficult. That was a hairy experience!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


References in classic literature ?
Slowly my arms gave to the unequal struggle, and inch by inch the burning eyes and gleaming tusks of my antagonist crept toward me, until, as the hairy face touched mine again, I realized that all was over.
He slide his hairy arm round my neck, and he tilt up my chin and look into my face, shust to see if I understood his talk so well as he understood mine.
The other young rode upon their mothers' backs; their little arms tightly clasping the hairy necks before them, while their legs were locked beneath their mothers' armpits.
At first he had thought his foes might be of the tribe of Torquas, but their hairy bodies belied that belief.
Suddenly there bounded from the opening another hairy man.
Behind them, streaming through the pass which leads into the valley, came a swarm of hairy men--gorilla-like creatures armed with spears and hatchets, and bearing long, oval shields.
My first concern was to discover where within Pel-lucidar I might be--and in what direction lay the land of the Sarians where Ghak the Hairy One ruled.
It ended as the majority of such jungle encounters end--one of the boasters loses his nerve, and becomes suddenly interested in a blowing leaf, a beetle, or the lice upon his hairy stomach.
His strong, white teeth sank into the hairy throat of his enemy as he sought the pulsing jugular.
I had been too much occupied with the dangers of the descent to glance down toward the valley; but that cry which told me that it was indeed Lys, and that she was again in danger, brought my eyes quickly upon her in time to see a hairy, burly brute seize her and start off at a run toward the near-by wood.
His hips were thin; and the legs, lean and hairy, were crooked and stringy-muscled.
As he spoke the King waved his paw toward the boy, and at once the pretty curls and fresh round face and big blue eyes were gone, while in their place a fox's head appeared upon Button-Bright's shoulders--a hairy head with a sharp nose, pointed ears, and keen little eyes.
You would not have guessed that in infancy he had suckled at the breast of a hideous, hairy she-ape, nor that in all his conscious past since his parents had passed away in the little cabin by the landlocked harbor at the jungle's verge, he had known no other associates than the sullen bulls and the snarling cows of the tribe of Kerchak, the great ape.
The man started, and drew his huge hairy hand across his eyes, as if in doubt whether he was waking or sleeping.
In his huge, hairy hands, a long whip, made of green snakes and black cats' tails twisted together, swished through the air in a dangerous way.