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fair-haired boy

Fig. a favored person. (Not necessarily young or a boy.) The teacher's fair-haired boy always does well on tests. The supervisor's son was the fair-haired boy on the construction site.
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a blue-eyed boy

  (British & Australian) also a fair-haired boy (American & Australian)
a man who is liked and admired by someone in authority He was very much the blue-eyed boy in the office.
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fair-haired boy

A favorite, a person who is given special treatment. For example, Today the attorney general is the governor's fair-haired boy. This term alludes to the preference of blond ("fair") hair over dark hair. [Late 1800s]
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fair-haired boy

n. a promising young man; a young man who receives favoritism. Ted is the boss’s fair-haired boy now, but he’ll be just like the rest of us in a month.
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FOUND domestic short- haired grey tabby and white kitten in the HD3 area.
FOUND domestic short- haired adult tabby cat in the HD5 area.
According to the FSHL's publicity chairperson, Janice Cooper, since its inception more than 100 of the Florida Silver Haired Legislature's "bills" -- issues which are deemed important for not only Florida's seniors but the general population as well -- have been officially enacted into law by the state's Legislature.
The Florida Silver Haired Legislature is a non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Floridians.
He was also the youngest person ever to top the singles charts with his 1972 hit Long Haired Lover From Liverpool when he was aged just nine.
Portuguese water dogs come in both curly haired and wavy haired varieties, depending on what form of the KRT71 gene they have.
Chase said that wavy haired Portuguese water dogs fit in the new study's long hair with furnishings category.
The first bratwurst of spring - chosen over the newfangled Desert Dog - was consumed in an aluminum bleacher way down the left-field line, while sunbathers lolled on a grassy bank nearby, a gray- haired grandmother strolled with a pair of red-headed kids, and Gene Autry's ``Back in the Saddle Again'' played on the loudspeaker.
The red- haired, bespectacled 2-year-old with the perpetually stuffy nose lost his mother some time ago, and his father, Chas - also red-haired, bespectacled and perpetually stuffy - has decided it's time to look for a new wife.
Which gives ``Defiled'' its promisingly absurdist subtitle, ``The Convenience of a Short Haired Dog.
He claimed that he collected a white haired foreigner and took him to a FARC training camp on February 5.
One, a petite, dark haired woman, got a taxi to the scene of the crime just hours before the three generations were wiped out.