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fair-haired boy

Someone who is given preferential treatment. The phrase does not have to describe a young male, despite using the word "boy." My oldest brother is definitely the fair-haired boy in our family—he can do no wrong as far as our parents are concerned.
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fair-haired boy

Fig. a favored person. (Not necessarily young or a boy.) The teacher's fair-haired boy always does well on tests. The supervisor's son was the fair-haired boy on the construction site.
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fair-haired boy

A favorite, a person who is given special treatment. For example, Today the attorney general is the governor's fair-haired boy. This term alludes to the preference of blond ("fair") hair over dark hair. [Late 1800s]
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your blue-eyed boy

mainly BRITISH or

your fair-haired boy

Someone's blue-eyed boy or fair-haired boy is a man that they like very much and give special treatment to. He'd lost interest in Willy by that time — I was the blue-eyed boy. For ten years you've been everybody's blue-eyed boy. You're one of the best-known magistrates in the country. Okay, okay. I won't do anything to hurt your fair-haired boy. And business is business. We'll work together as we always have. Note: You usually use these expressions to show that you think the person is wrong to treat the man so favourably.
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fair-haired boy

n. a promising young man; a young man who receives favoritism. Ted is the boss’s fair-haired boy now, but he’ll be just like the rest of us in a month.
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Out of 100 people shown pictures of two dogs in a sanctuary, identical except for their hair colour, 65 plumped for a fair haired four legged friend.
An absurdly long haired Tony Blair playing his guitar, and Charles Clarke using the hairy double whammy of beard and locks to hide his low-slung, sticky-out ears.
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