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John Lyttle, consultant surgeon at the hospital, said: "I have never seen a hairball like it in my 30 years as a doctor.
In some cases, frequent vomiting of hairballs may indicate an underlying gastrointestinal problem, such as inflammatory bowel disease, so it's a good idea to consult with your vet if you see any of these abnormal clinical signs.
Scientists, in a report by Medical Daily, called the girl's hairball a "trichobezoar.
Cats and dogs of all kinds were the real winners when the ARC (which works to end the killing of adoptable animals) presented the HairBall at the Hyatt Sarasota.
Tim Allen plays her work-obsessed husband who, bitten by a 300-year-old magic sheepdog, begins to take on the traits of a happy hairball himself.
Still, if on a piecemeal level this phraseology is all straightforward enough, it accrues into a giant hairball of inconsistency.
Reverse that, and you're back to clogging like a hairball in your shower drain.
For example, many hairball remedies are petroleum-based, whereas Vet Basis Healthy Breath & Body for Cats is a gel of canola oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and cod liver oil ($11.
It's a musical hairball coughed up by posh kids for critics who are old enough to remember the thrill of early Talking Heads, Postcard Records (Scotland's great lost indie label) and Rough Trade.
USA Today said Catwoman 'belongs in the litter box' while the New York Post described it as 'about as sexy as a hairball.
So, we kick off this month with April Fool's Day, No Housework Day, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, and National Hairball Awareness Day.
It will take a while to unravel the hairball," he conceded.
Jon's Peromalt Hairball Remedy; 2002 Food Tube of the Year for Vetoquinol USA's JumpStart; 2002 Household Industrial Tube of the year for Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease and 2002 Innovative Tube of the Year for TIGI's bead Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor.
Environmental health lies right in the middle of the great tangled hairball of research," says Sherry Marts, the society's scientific director.
Huntoon says of laundry returned from outsourcers, "We were getting thin, torn gowns, or a hairball in the middle of a stack of washcloths, or sheets with some hospital's name on them.