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haggle about something

to bargain or negotiate about something. They are always willing to haggle about the price, so don't take the first price you're given. I wish you wouldn't try to haggle about everything when we shop.
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haggle (with someone) over someone or something

 and haggle with someone (over someone or something)
to argue with someone over someone or something. I don't want to haggle with you over Tom and whose team he's going to be on. Let's not haggle over the price. There is no point in haggling with her.
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haggle over

To bargain or negotiate over something, as an item or a price: The merchant and the buyer haggled over the price of the damaged towels.
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He says when it comes to haggling you have to leave your embarrassment outside the shop door and be as brazen as you dare if you're going to get yourself a bargain.
AA Travel Insurance director Christian Young said: "It's great we're saving so much each year by haggling on our holidays - it shows Brits have got what it takes to bag a bargain and get the best deal possible.
Many of us know the thrill of coming away with a good deal after the cut and thrust of haggling, but well-made goods deserve to be sold at a fair price and responsible haggling is one small way in which tourists can benefit poor people in the countries they visit.
Vinnie later tells me that he is often the one to start the haggling if he feels he might lose a sale.
Approaching shop staff and haggling is more difficult though and generally more effective in markets or abroad.
It seems we're just not comfortable haggling, at home or abroad,'' said Airtours marketing director Robin Parry.
Many see online haggling as an alternative to the existing auction sites, such as eBay, OnSale, Yahoo Auctions, and Amazon Auctions.
IT'S always worth haggling, even if there's already a discount.
Only 44 per cent of people try to beat down the price but haggling could save buyers an average pounds 1337 on a new car.
People in Britain think haggling makes you look cheap and they find it embarrassing,'' says the presenter of BBC2's Your Money or Your Life programme.
It allows an outside, independent party to place a product on the site for haggling.
For example, if the NFL's partners want to renew their contracts in 1997 without haggling, there's just about nothing CBS can do about it.
Don't try haggling for the latest must-have products as the shop doesn't need to discount them to sell.
ELECTRICAL giants Comet are banning seasonal sales and haggling in their 265 stores.
Thornton from Mississippi found herself haggling on the price of binoculars, and paid only $8.