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haggle about something

to bargain or negotiate about something. They are always willing to haggle about the price, so don't take the first price you're given. I wish you wouldn't try to haggle about everything when we shop.
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haggle (with someone) over someone or something

 and haggle with someone (over someone or something)
to argue with someone over someone or something. I don't want to haggle with you over Tom and whose team he's going to be on. Let's not haggle over the price. There is no point in haggling with her.
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haggle over

To bargain or negotiate over something, as an item or a price: The merchant and the buyer haggled over the price of the damaged towels.
See also: haggle, over
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HAGGLE - save pounds 3,500 when you trade in an old car for a new Octavia
My mother - to my eternal embarrassment - used to haggle.
8 Elite with average mileage of 32,555 miles should be between pounds 5,000 and pounds 6,639 depending on how hard you haggle.
Only 10% of shoppers in the survey said they haggle on a regular basis.
The high success rate among the top 10 stores reflects the fact that the survey is focused on people who actively tried to haggle.
5SET A BUDGET: Before youstart to haggle, think about what the item is worth to you and set a maximum price that you're willing to pay.
The centerpiece of the site is a cartoon character called Chester, who shows the shopper a picture of the product, gives a description, then haggles with the customer, much like a jaded flea market veteran.
July 14 th 2014: Almost half of Londoners say they haggle wherever possible.
People in the North East are the least likely to do it, and men are twice as likely as women to haggle.
People in the north-east are the least likely to do it and men are twice as likely as women to haggle.
com said they've attempted to haggle, and 89% said their tactics had worked.
BE PREPARED TO HAGGLE Many used car buyers don't make an effort to reduce a car dealer's asking price.
Summary: As lawmakers in Washington, DC continue to haggle over the details of a proposed $700 billion rescue plan to shore up financial markets, regulators stepped.
But as many as 403,000 could end up paying over the odds as they are prepared to haggle only "slightly" over the price.
You can't haggle, but that's because the cars are 25 per cent cheaper anyway.