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It's not only that the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity.
I have been told that the official who insisted on the indictment was Louis Freeh, who was said to be incensed that Cisneros had lied to the FBI even though, as we have already pointed out, the lie had nothing to do with Cisneros' public duties.
Shandling said his decision to call it quits had nothing to do with a lawsuit he recently filed against his former manager Brad Grey, who is also an executive producer on the show.
In the weeks prior to Reagan's arrival at the White House, Green and his staff sent out hundreds of telegrams promising millions in discretionary CETA funds to organizations such as Green's former firm, RTP (which Green insisted had nothing to do with his former ties to the company), and Jesse Jackson's PUSH (which eventually fell apart for lack of evidence the organization was accomplishing anything).
It had nothing to do with his topping this year's list of the worst-dressed women, announced Tuesday by Mr.
And it certainly had nothing to do with his having kicked a cameraman in or near the groin after falling out of bounds while in pursuit of a rebound in the Bulls' game Wednesday night at Minnesota - the latest in a career of loopy, if not, as in this instance, hurtful stunts.