hacked off

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hacked (off)

mod. angry; annoyed. Willy was really hacked off about the accident.
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Naomi Gilchrist, prosecuting, said Reena Masih hacked off the victim's hair before forcing her to strip.
A DAD'S nose and fingers were hacked off by an axeweilding gang in Africa as his terrified son looked on.
Some dogs have been found drowned or starved to death, with their ears hacked off so they can't be traced to the breeder.
POLICE are hunting a Liverpool man after a 21-year-old man had his right ear hacked off with a knife.
Other sources said many of the dead victims had noses and ears hacked off.
That case involved Larry Singleton, who raped a teen-aged girl, then hacked off her forearms with an ax.
Grant Holt had a frustrating night for the Shrews, hitting a post and having a header hacked off the line as the home side suffered only their second home defeat this year.
A deranged husband hacked off his wife's foot with a machete to stop her running away.
Who would have thought that a man who raped a young woman and then hacked off her forearms with an ax would ever be in trouble again?
Student Dan Foster is feeling hacked off after getting the sack from Gleneagles Hotel over his long hair.
Kidder was found in a Los Angeles-area back yard, filthy, her hair hacked off and her dentures missing.
The head and dorsal fin appeared to have been hacked off and have yet to be found.
First she penciled the seal from four angles, then drew lines with drill-like instruments and hacked off larger chunks with a chain saw, fine bits of ice spewing from the block.
After the break Stuart Campbell had a header hacked off the line and smashed a volley just wide as the visitors dominated.
This piercing display of devotion is one man's way of ensuring he doesn't get too hacked off in future.