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gyp someone out of something

to deceive someone in order to get something of value. The salesclerk gypped me out of a dollar. The taxi driver tried to gyp me out of a fortune by driving all over the place.
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give someone gyp

cause pain or severe discomfort to someone. British informal
Gyp may be a dialect contraction of gee-up , a word of command used to urge a horse to move faster, the connection being that, in this phrase, whatever is giving someone gyp is preventing them from resting or taking things easy.
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give somebody ˈgyp

(British English, informal) cause somebody a lot of pain: My back’s been giving me gyp again lately.
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They were also supported by a team during the two-day ride in October and Kevin's lurcher dog Gyp.
Running at number 21,H Glyn Jones,of Bodfari, with Moel Eira, took the lead -only to be equal led by Medwyn Evans,of Llanfachreth, with Gyp.
He's brave and he'll tackle his heart out but keep running at him and that shoulder's going to start giving him gyp.
Payback time refers to the fact that when the company tried to gyp us out of medical insurance benefits seven years ago, our brothers and sisters in the mill called a strike to bring the company to its senses," explained Fred Moore, president of the retirees club.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to the old account section of central office ,karur by renovation of damaged ceiling with FOSROC chemical treatment and providing Gyp board false ceiling.
GYP TOP Brennan nets winner and celebrates with Paul Keegan
Monroe - who was joined by guitarist Nasty Suicide, bassist Sam Yaffa and drummer Gyp Casino.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pump room, with bore well and pump and providing Aluminium doors & windows, Gyp board false ceiling and Aircondition etc.
GIVING OUT GYP Bohs boss Pat Fenlon read riot act after Friday's defeat
He said: "It's been giving me gyp but it could have helped in a way because it made me more deliberate and stopped me rushing my shots.
We try to ferret out the gyp artists who sell you repairs you don't really need.
When the going gets tough the tough don't complain about their hip giving them gyp.