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gym bunny

Someone who is obsessively preoccupied with maintaining or improving their physique and thus spends a large amount of time at the gym to do so. After recovering from his surgery, John spent a lot of time at the gym getting his body back into shape. Now he's turned into a total gym bunny.
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gym shoe

n. a disliked person. Who is the gym shoe who comes to class in a sport coat?
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The gym, which is surrounded by 42 family homes, would not be staffed and members would gain entry using a swipe card.
Personal Trainers: Create programs for your clients and mange their activity plans online or on an iPad at the gym.
Often, the gym will have a bar or cafe where people can meet up and interact, and most gyms will have regular fitness classes which are a great way to meet new people as well.
INMATES at Cardiff Prison have complained that they should not be made to pay for the use of the gym because they already "work all week for pennies".
In some ways, it's quite expected to see a gym room, and then people can either use it as a gym, or most people now have two studies - a study for husband and wife or a study for the parents and a study for the children," she adds.
They can then use this credit to buy passes for gym use at any of the listed gyms and health clubs which range from single day passes and a variety of short term gym membership options.
Ranked #1 on Entrepreneur's prestigious Franchise 500 list, Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing gym franchise in the world, with 3,000 gyms serving nearly 3,000,000 members on five continents.
After only opening its doors in November 2013 and having gained more than 300 members, Mas Body Gym has been shortlisted in the top five of the Best Newcomer of 2014 category at the National Fitness Awards, an annual event which recognises excellence and achievement in gyms throughout the country.
Pure Gym and The Gym are the leading operators of budget gyms nationwide, with over 100 gyms between them and achieving combined revenues of more than Au50 million.
AAHG shares the same commitment Gold's Gym International has in helping individuals reach their potential by leading healthier, fitter lifestyles under the specialized leadership and camaraderie of the Gold's experience.
Since the first women-only gym opened in Saudi six years ago, women have been flocking to the gym due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of exercise and the dangers of obesity, a personal trainer at one of the gyms said.
when the Northridge Knights rolled onto their home court Thursday at the Chatsworth Park basketball gym.
A WORKOUT at the gym is motivated by a desire to make new friends as well as keeping fit, a study has revealed.
DMR Architects has been selected by The Gym for an interior and exterior renovation of a 44,000-s/f warehouse into a state-of-the-art fitness facility.