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gas guzzler

A vehicle that consumes more than the average amount of gasoline during normal usage. Every time the price of oil rises, people trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient cars.
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n. a large automobile that uses much gasoline. The old gas-guzzlers were certainly comfortable.


n. a heavy drinker. A couple of guzzlers at the bar were carrying on a low conversation when Marlowe came in.
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Food plots were planted and water guzzlers were installed just for And I passed up a slam-dunk, 15-yard shot at Blade when he was 41/2 because I was "experimenting.
Descriptive and reliability statistics for each booster and guzzler are presented in Table 3.
Federal Signal's portfolio of trusted, high-priority products include Bronto aerial devices, Elgin and Ravo street sweepers, E-ONE fire apparatus, Federal Signal safety and security systems, Guzzler industrial vacuums, Jetstream waterblasters and Vactor sewer cleaners.
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recently announced that new analysis conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in conjunction with NRDC reveals that "the gas guzzlers which supported Detroit's Big Three profits through the 1990s are experiencing not only sharply falling sales but also deeply diminished profit margins due to rising gas prices.
The Duck Guzzler failed to show - much to the disappointment of presenter Richard Bacon.
Additionally, Primus Geographics has also integrated NAVTEQ map data into the new Portfolio Guzzler drive time engine developed by SRC.
I drive a gas guzzler, which has been converted to run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).
GREEN protestors were arrested after a demo at a gas guzzler garage.
Portfolio Guzzler delivers the most accurate market level data within specified drive times delivering critical business insight to increase sales and profitability
Here's a company, General Motors, whose financial condition is so precarious that filing bankruptcy isn't far off, that continues to build that behemoth gas guzzler monster - the Hummer.
But if you drive a gas guzzler doing lots of private miles you're still better off if private fuel's paid for by your employer, something most forget when they moan about filling the Treasury's coffers.
And while it may look like a gas guzzler, it comes with one of the cleanest diesels on the planet and returns almost 39 miles to the gallon.
She knows the SUV is a gas guzzler, but can't see how her family would fit in another car.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- With gas prices escalating up to $5/gallon this fall due to the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina, The Sea Pines Resort rewards fall travelers with a Gas Guzzler refund, reimbursing guests for a tank of gas.
Complementing the award-winning Jeep Cherokee 4x4 range, Voyager MPV and value-for-money Neon saloons, the PT Cruiser is no petrol guzzler.