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gas guzzler

A vehicle that consumes more than the average amount of gasoline during normal usage. Every time the price of oil rises, people trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient cars.
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n. a large automobile that uses much gasoline. The old gas-guzzlers were certainly comfortable.


n. a heavy drinker. A couple of guzzlers at the bar were carrying on a low conversation when Marlowe came in.
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Food plots were planted and water guzzlers were installed just for And I passed up a slam-dunk, 15-yard shot at Blade when he was 41/2 because I was "experimenting.
Similar complaints are levied at the so-called Gas Guzzler Tax, introduced within the 1978 Energy Tax Act.
Today, those guzzlers, as they are often called, are filled not only with water but also with doubt as scientists debate the merit of providing water in places that naturally have limited amounts.
Subscales were formed by generating the mean of the set of four items for each booster and guzzler.
gt; Reward as well as Penalize Automakers: A sliding scale of tough penalties on dirty gas guzzlers balanced by rebates for the leanest and cleanest would tell Detroit and Japan what to do.
Anyway, scientists estimate that it is not gas guzzlers who are the root cause of the situation - but grass guzzlers.
This shows the gas guzzler business model of the past is now bankrupt," said NRDC vehicles policy director Roland Hwang.
THE Duck Guzzler is, it seems, the one that gets away a few more times than most.
Or, better still, get rid of your gas guzzler for a smaller car that requires little road tax.
To celebrate the Guzzler success, diners can enjoy two main meals for the price of one at the brewery's Yorkshire Terrier pub in Stonegate, York, from Monday to Saturday until February 3.
But if you drive a gas guzzler doing lots of private miles you're still better off if private fuel's paid for by your employer, something most forget when they moan about filling the Treasury's coffers.
I DON'T drive, although my wife has a big gas guzzler.
GREEN protestors were arrested after a demo at a gas guzzler garage.