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guzzle something down

to drink something rapidly and eagerly. He guzzled the beer down and called for another. He guzzled down the beer and called for another.
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1. tv. & in. to drink alcohol in great quantities. (Very old.) Stop guzzling for a while and pay attention.
2. n. a drinking spree. Fred’s out on another of his guzzles.


1. mod. arrested. (Underworld.) Rocko got himself guzzled on a speeding rap.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Todd was too guzzled to drive home.
See also: guzzle


n. a drunkard; a heavy drinker. Old guzzle-guts here would like another drink.
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The Master Magician continued: "The beauty of magic is that it entertains people and we are confident Guzzle Puzzle will amaze and surprise sweet fans everywhere.
Together, we have significantly grown our existing businesses, successfully started new ones, and made strategic acquisitions important to our future," said Guzzle.
The combination of our two companies will enhance the value of the service we provide our customers," said Guzzle.
Includes overnight accommodation at a five-star hotel with breakfast, one pair of tickets to Wicked, pounds 100 (total) travel expenses, pounds 800 (total) spending money and a box of Guzzle Puzzle sweets (36 packs).
Now, more than ever, we're a partner in our customers' business," said Guzzle.
Guzzle noted that Premier has forged strong relationships with several customers since its inception and development of the business has progressed well.
The company's financial, legal, human resources, strategic planning and business development functions will all continue to report directly to Guzzle.
Guzzle said, "Using any house's existing electrical wiring, the measurement and monitoring devices together with the SHUbox makes that house a smart home.
Air conditioners can guzzle up to five percent more energy if the filter is clogged.
In this day of fruit smoothies and health bars, California adolescents say they'd rather munch on candy bars and guzzle super-size sodas.
2 --4) Performers Tower, left, and Runt guzzle water to keep cool at the Medieval Fantasy Festival in Northridge, where the temperature shot up to 104 degrees Sunday.
Guzzle credited the 10-cent increase in earnings per share to the continued outstanding performance of the company's diversified businesses.
A study of milk prices in major cities around the nation shows that Southern Californians are paying about a penny more than they did six months ago for every gallon of milk they guzzle.
Guzzle said, "Both Tampa Electric and the diversified companies achieved higher operating results this quarter compared to last year.
A God who curses and guzzles Guinness has goaded church chiefs into a fury.