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But now that I have slain the master, let me put an end to the man; so it shall be said that Guy of Gisborne despatched the two greatest outlaws of England in one day.
An thou likest not my clothes," said Robin in a harsh voice like that of Guy of Gisbourne, "thou mayst shut thine eyes.
I know thee, Guy of Gisbourne, for who is there that hath not heard of thee and cursed thee for thy vile deeds of blood and rapine?
Now, Guy of Gisbourne," cried he, "if what thou tellest me is true, it will be the best day's doings for thee that ever thou hast done in all thy life.
What I have told thee is sooth, and I lie not," said Robin, still in Guy of Gisbourne's voice.
Ask what thou wilt of me, Guy of Gisbourne, and it is thine
While they were doing this Robin Hood strung both his bow and that of Guy of Gisbourne, albeit none of them took notice of his doing so.
At the same time Robin Hood threw back the cowl of horse's hide from his face and bent Guy of Gisbourne's bow, with a keen, barbed arrow fitted to the string.
Now when the Sheriff of Nottingham saw whose face it was beneath Guy of Gisbourne's hood, and when he heard those bugle notes ring in his ear, he felt as if his hour had come.
thing is that there are so many guys who have these relationships with their best friends.
You might never understand why guys cheat, but you can learn to recognize if your guy is cutting out on you.
And we tried to get that across, that these are regular guys and some of them do heroic things, but they do them because it's their job.
This creates a major financial incentive for the individuals controlling the tenant to act as "good guys," and vacate the premises in the event of a default.
This guy, he was a Mormon, a little skinny guy, he lost it, and he and another guy, who was older, they couldn't stand it, and they jump up to run back out of the woods, a lot of guys did that in Hurtgen Forest, you don't see the army history books talking about that, but the second they stand up they get shot to pieces.
Where and how did you guys all meet to form this band?