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have one's mind in the gutter

 and have got one's mind in the gutter
Fig. tending to think of or say things that are obscene. Tiffany has her mind in the gutter. That's why she laughs at all that dirty stuff. Why do you tell so many dirty jokes? Do you always have your mind in the gutter.
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*in the gutter

Fig. [of a person] in a low state; poor and homeless. (*Typically: be ~; fall [into] ~; put some-one [into] ~.) You had better straighten out your life, or you'll end in the gutter. His bad habits put him into the gutter.
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in the gutter

Appropriate to or from a squalid, degraded condition. For example, The language in that book belongs in the gutter. An antonym, out of the gutter, means "away from vulgarity or sordidness," as in That joke was quite innocent; get your mind out of the gutter. This idiom uses gutter in the sense of "a conduit for filthy waste." [Mid-1800s]
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have one’s mind in the gutter

tv. to think or suggest something obscene. (Have got can replace have.) Tiffany has her mind in the gutter. That’s why she laughs at all that dirty stuff.
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You need to measure the length of facia board round the house to establish how much guttering to buy and estimate how many brackets you need.
1 Remove existing guttering, taking care to remove all brackets and screws.
4 Fit the first length of guttering by turning it under the back clip and pushing it into the front clip until it clicks into place.
5 Continue fitting the sections in the same way until nearing the end where the last section of the guttering can be cut to size using a hacksaw.
Eventually you'll have to replace the defective sections of cast iron guttering.
Replacing the old system with modern plastic guttering may be a more attractive prospect.
The chances are the guttering will not be rusty but it is best replaced with a new section to ensure no future leaks.
Not all plumbers' merchants stock cast-iron guttering, so specialist firms like John Cameron (55 Maclellan Street, Glasgow, tel: 0141 427 5353) are the best bet.
They will come off in your hands and won't take the weight of the guttering once the bolts have been removed.
The second method, which is better for plastic guttering, is to use special gutter repair tape which is simply stuck down over the damaged area.
Cast iron guttering should be painted on the inside as well as the outside to prevent rust, paying particular attention to the back of the pipe.
It is important to remember safety when you are working on guttering.