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BABIES born by Caesarean section may have lower levels of healthy bacteria in their guts, experts believe.
Other researchers have found that certain gut bacteria can overcome genetic protections against diabetes.
I often hear people say they should have trusted their gut feelings and they didn't.
Wholemeal bread contains valuable fibre, vitamins and minerals but the insoluble fibre may irritate sensitive guts.
Tillisch said neuroimaging shows potential to demonstrate anatomic and physiologic characteristics associated with particular gut microbial signatures; these can then be correlated with behavior and mood assessments.
According to Perlmutter, the gut and brain are deeply intertwined, and skyrocketing rates of obesity and autism are directly related to a Western diet high in sugars and carbohydrates that throw the delicate balance of intestinal bacteria out of whack.
Now a growing body of research is pointing to the fact that a healthy gut may also protect our brains.
Compositions of gut microbial communities steadily changed as African apes evolved.
The gut microbiota is a key etiological factor in the control of body weight with recent studies demonstrating a strong microbial influence on host metabolism, energy utilisation and storage, and metabolic disease.
In the publication, the scientists describe how the balance of gut bacteria seen in healthy individuals is altered in patients with liver cirrhosis, an advanced liver disease for which the only treatment is transplantation.
He further explained that regulatory issues must be addressed before moving to human studies but the findings suggested that it might be possible to manipulate the bacterial residents of the gut, the gut microbiota, to treat obesity and other chronic diseases.
A study of professional athletes published recently in the journal Gut has found a benefit to the microbial diversity of the human gut through intense exercise.