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gush (forth) (from someone or something)

 and gush (forth) (out of someone or something); gush (out) (from someone or something) to spout out of someone or something.
(Can be words, water, blood, vomit, etc. The optional elements cannot be transposed.) The blood gushed forth from his wound. Curses gushed forth from Sharon. Water gushed forth out of the broken pipe. The words gushed out from her mouth. The curses gushed from her mouth in torrents.

gush over someone or something

1. Lit. [for liquid] to flood over someone or something. The floodwaters gushed over the farmland. The hot soup gushed over the cook as the huge pot tipped over.
2. Fig. [for someone] to heap praise, flattery, and compliments on someone or something. Aunt Mattie always gushed over us children so much that we dreaded her coming. All the guests gushed over my beet salad.
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gush with something

[for something] to flow with something. The stream gushed with the sudden runoff of the storm. The faucet gushed with brownish water, so I turned it off.
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gush over

To speak or write about something or someone with wild enthusiasm: They returned from the new store and gushed over the great shoes they had bought.
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Gushing a little more, she added: "I'm really loved-up as we've just had a romantic Valentine's day together and Richard got me loads of presents.
In independent laboratory tests at the Research Centre Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality (an institute of the Technical University in Munich, Germany), grain sorted on the bichromatic SORTEX optical sorter was shown to be stable and passed the gushing test; other samples failed the test.
I could see water gushing all the way down the street which looked and smelled like sewage.
She's good at gushing, panic, angst, being cool and dawning maturity.
Petrol gushing from a ruptured Nigeria pipeline caught fire yesterday as villagers scavenged for free fuel, sparking an inferno that killed up to 200 people and left charred bodies scattered around the site.
People living in Gressel Lane reckon Severn Trent Water has no excuse for putting up water rates as the leak was gushing gallons of water every hour for 12 months.
They must leave before the gushing water turns their "water park" into a giant aquarium.
Still, if you can wade through the sappy reports of supposed miracles and the gushing of fellow sisters and other fans, readers will find some insight into the woman who, for better or worse, has shaped the church for the next generation.
Theron's homage to MacLaine, who was also one of the night's Icon winners, followed much gushing over the septuagenarian by honorees and presenters alike, beginning with Laura Linney and continuing with Rachel Weisz, Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon.
A few short years ago, companies like Commerce One and Ariba were growing like weeds, attracting capital and gushing talk from analysts about how they would harness the power of the Internet to link companies with suppliers and customers.
The energy I feel gushing from the soil into my spirit tells me who I am.
In "It's the Way You Are," a beguiling, radio-ripe effort on Curtis's latest CD, Dreaming in Romance Languages, the Saco, Maine-bred singer-guitarist admits, "You are everything I could never be," a gushing, blushing compliment that could be voiced by virtually anyone in love.
Admittedly, some council leaders, press and marketing people are uncritically gushing in their admiration of the Emperor's new Paco Rabanne coat.
Whipping around like an out-of-control tire hose, a mammoth jet of charged particles gushing from a collapsed star is varying its shape and brightness more rapidly than any other known jet in the heavens.
Joan was gushing about the six celebs she'd invite to her dream party (including Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Cleopatra and Noel Coward) then Anne was gushing about them and then gushing about Joan.